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New apropos features.

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......@@ -148,8 +148,19 @@ appropriate sql-interactive-mode wrapper for the current setting of
** M-x view-file and commands that use it now avoid interfering
with special modes such as Tar mode.
** The apropos commands don't sort by scores unless they show scores.
The option apropos-show-scores controls both uses of scores.
** Enhancements to apropos commands:
*** The apropos commands will now accept a list of words to match.
When more than one word is specified, at least two of those words must
be present for an item to match. Regular expression matching is still
*** The new option `apropos-sort-by-scores' causes the matching items
to be sorted according to their score. The score for an item is a
number calculated to indicate how well the item matches the words or
regular expression that you entered to the apropos command. The best
match is listed first, and the calculated score is shown for each
matching item.
** The old bindings C-M-delete and C-M-backspace have been deleted,
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