Commit ee5fb85f authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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* subr.el (overlay-start, overlay-end, overlay-buffer): Removed.

parent 51facdef
......@@ -335,21 +335,6 @@ POSITION should be a list of the form
nas returned by the `event-start' and `event-end' functions."
(nth 3 position))
;;;; Overlay dissection functions.
(defsubst overlay-start (overlay)
"Return the position at which OVERLAY starts."
(marker-position (car (car overlay))))
(defsubst overlay-end (overlay)
"Return the position at which OVERLAY ends."
(marker-position (cdr (car overlay))))
(defsubst overlay-buffer (overlay)
"Return the buffer OVERLAY belongs to."
(marker-buffer (overlay-start overlay)))
;;;; Obsolescent names for functions.
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