Commit ee6e99e0 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(python-describe-symbol): Add globals() and locals() to the arguments

of emacs.ehelp.
parent 999f7d65
......@@ -1341,9 +1341,9 @@ don't support `help'."
nil nil symbol))))
(if (equal symbol "") (error "No symbol"))
(let* ((func `(lambda ()
(comint-redirect-send-command (format "emacs.ehelp(%S)\n"
"*Help*" nil))))
(format "emacs.ehelp(%S, globals(), locals())\n" ,symbol)
"*Help*" nil))))
;; Ensure we have a suitable help buffer.
;; Fixme: Maybe process `Related help topics' a la help xrefs and
;; allow C-c C-f in help buffer.
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