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Remove emacstool-related code.

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......@@ -102,51 +102,6 @@
"List of forms to evaluate after setting sun-raw-prefix.")
;;; This section adds definitions for the emacstool users
;; emacstool event filter converts function keys to C-x*{c}{lrt}
;; for example the Open key (L7) would be encoded as "\C-x*gl"
;; the control, meta, and shift keys modify the character {lrt}
;; note that (unshifted) C-l is ",", C-r is "2", and C-t is "4"
;; {c} is [a-j] for LEFT, [a-i] for TOP, [a-o] for RIGHT.
;; A higher level insists on encoding {h,j,l,n}{r} (the arrow keys)
;; as ANSI escape sequences. Use the shell command
;; % setkeys noarrows
;; if you want these to come through for emacstool.
;; If you are not using EmacsTool,
;; you can also use this by creating a .ttyswrc file to do the conversion.
;; but it won't include the CONTROL, META, or SHIFT keys!
;; Important to define SHIFTed sequence before matching unshifted sequence.
;; (talk about bletcherous old uppercase terminal conventions!*$#@&%*&#$%)
;; this is worse than C-S/C-Q flow control anyday!
;; Do *YOU* run in capslock mode?
;; Note: al, el and gl are trapped by EmacsTool, so they never make it here.
(defvar suntool-map (make-sparse-keymap)
"*Keymap for Emacstool bindings.")
;; Since .emacs gets loaded before this file, a hook is supplied
;; for you to put your own bindings in.
(defvar suntool-map-hooks nil
"List of forms to evaluate after setting suntool-map.")
;; If running under emacstool, arrange to call suspend-emacstool
;; instead of suspend-emacs.
;; First mouse blip is a clue that we are in emacstool.
;; C-x C-@ is the mouse command prefix.
(autoload 'sun-mouse-handler "sun-mouse"
"Sun Emacstool handler for mouse blips (not loaded)." t)
(defun terminal-init-sun ()
"Terminal initialization function for sun."
......@@ -207,77 +162,7 @@
(let ((hooks sun-raw-prefix-hooks))
(while hooks
(eval (car hooks))
(setq hooks (cdr hooks)))))
(define-key suntool-map "gr" 'beginning-of-buffer) ; r7
(define-key suntool-map "iR" 'backward-page) ; R9
(define-key suntool-map "ir" 'scroll-down) ; r9
(define-key suntool-map "kr" 'recenter) ; r11
(define-key suntool-map "mr" 'end-of-buffer) ; r13
(define-key suntool-map "oR" 'forward-page) ; R15
(define-key suntool-map "or" 'scroll-up) ; r15
(define-key suntool-map "b\M-L" 'rerun-prev-command) ; M-AGAIN
(define-key suntool-map "b\M-l" 'prev-complex-command) ; M-Again
(define-key suntool-map "bl" 'redraw-display) ; Again
(define-key suntool-map "cl" 'list-buffers) ; Props
(define-key suntool-map "dl" 'undo) ; Undo
(define-key suntool-map "el" 'ignore) ; Expose-Open
(define-key suntool-map "fl" 'sun-select-region) ; Put
(define-key suntool-map "f," 'copy-region-as-kill) ; C-Put
(define-key suntool-map "gl" 'ignore) ; Open-Open
(define-key suntool-map "hl" 'sun-yank-selection) ; Get
(define-key suntool-map "h," 'yank) ; C-Get
(define-key suntool-map "il" 'research-forward) ; Find
(define-key suntool-map "i," 're-search-forward) ; C-Find
(define-key suntool-map "i\M-l" 'research-backward) ; M-Find
(define-key suntool-map "i\M-," 're-search-backward) ; C-M-Find
(define-key suntool-map "jL" 'yank) ; DELETE
(define-key suntool-map "jl" 'kill-region-and-unmark) ; Delete
(define-key suntool-map "j\M-l" 'exchange-point-and-mark) ; M-Delete
(define-key suntool-map "j,"
(lambda () (interactive) (pop-mark))) ; C-Delete
(define-key suntool-map "fT" 'shrink-window-horizontally) ; T6
(define-key suntool-map "gT" 'enlarge-window-horizontally) ; T7
(define-key suntool-map "ft" 'shrink-window) ; t6
(define-key suntool-map "gt" 'enlarge-window) ; t7
(define-key suntool-map "cT" (lambda (n) (interactive "p") (scroll-down n)))
(define-key suntool-map "dT" (lambda (n) (interactive "p") (scroll-up n)))
(define-key suntool-map "ct" 'scroll-down-in-place) ; t3
(define-key suntool-map "dt" 'scroll-up-in-place) ; t4
(define-key ctl-x-map "*" suntool-map)
(when suntool-map-hooks
(message "suntool-map-hooks is obsolete! Use term-setup-hook instead!")
(let ((hooks suntool-map-hooks))
(while hooks
(eval (car hooks))
(setq hooks (cdr hooks)))))
(define-key ctl-x-map "\C-@" 'sun-mouse-once))
(defun emacstool-init ()
"Set up Emacstool window, if you know you are in an emacstool."
;; Make sure sun-mouse and sun-fns are loaded.
(require 'sun-fns)
(define-key ctl-x-map "\C-@" 'sun-mouse-handler)
;; FIXME: this function does not seem to exist either. -stef'01
(if (< (sun-window-init) 0)
(message "Not a Sun Window")
(substitute-key-definition 'suspend-emacs 'suspend-emacstool global-map)
(substitute-key-definition 'suspend-emacs 'suspend-emacstool esc-map)
(substitute-key-definition 'suspend-emacs 'suspend-emacstool ctl-x-map))
(concat "\033]lEmacstool - GNU Emacs " emacs-version "\033\\"))))
(defun sun-mouse-once ()
"Converts to emacstool and sun-mouse-handler on first mouse hit."
(sun-mouse-handler)) ; Now, execute this mouse blip.
(setq hooks (cdr hooks))))))
;;; arch-tag: db761d47-fd7d-42b4-aae1-04fa116b6ba6
;;; sun.el ends here
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