Commit eea0a235 authored by NicolasPetton's avatar NicolasPetton

authors.el updates

* admin/authors.el (authors-renamed-files-alist): Additions.
parent a4ab2a56
......@@ -919,6 +919,9 @@ in the repository.")
("notes/bzr" . "notes/repo")
;; moved from lisp/ to lisp/net/
("lisp/pinentry.el" . "lisp/net/pinentry.el")
;; module.* moved to emacs-module.*
("src/module.h" . "src/emacs-module.h")
("src/module.c" . "src/emacs-module.c")
"Alist of files which have been renamed during their lifetime.
Elements are (OLDNAME . NEWNAME).")
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