Commit eef28553 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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* keyboard.c (Qratio): New symbol.

(scroll_bar_parts): Add `Qratio' to it.
(syms_of_keyboard): Init `Qratio'.
parent 57207f1e
......@@ -4012,12 +4012,12 @@ static char *lispy_drag_n_drop_names[] =
/* Scroll bar parts. */
Lisp_Object Qabove_handle, Qhandle, Qbelow_handle;
Lisp_Object Qup, Qdown, Qbottom, Qend_scroll;
Lisp_Object Qtop;
Lisp_Object Qtop, Qratio;
/* An array of scroll bar parts, indexed by an enum scroll_bar_part value. */
Lisp_Object *scroll_bar_parts[] = {
&Qabove_handle, &Qhandle, &Qbelow_handle,
&Qup, &Qdown, &Qtop, &Qbottom, &Qend_scroll
&Qup, &Qdown, &Qtop, &Qbottom, &Qend_scroll, &Qratio
/* User signal events. */
......@@ -9621,6 +9621,8 @@ syms_of_keyboard ()
staticpro (&Qbottom);
Qend_scroll = intern ("end-scroll");
staticpro (&Qend_scroll);
Qratio = intern ("ratio");
staticpro (&Qratio);
Qevent_kind = intern ("event-kind");
staticpro (&Qevent_kind);
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