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(High-Level Completion): Document `read-color'.

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......@@ -1267,6 +1267,28 @@ but uses the predicate @code{user-variable-p} instead of
@end example
@end defun
@deffn Command read-color &optional prompt convert allow-empty display
This function reads a string that is a color specification, either the
color's name or an RGB hex value such as @code{#RRRGGGBBB}. It
prompts with @var{prompt} (default: @code{"Color (name or #R+G+B+):"})
and provides completion for color names, but not for hex RGB values.
In addition to names of standard colors, completion candidates include
the foreground and background colors at point.
Valid RGB values are described in @ref{Color Names}.
The function's return value is the color name typed by the user in the
minibuffer. However, when called interactively or if the optional
argument @var{convert} is non-@code{nil}, it converts the name into
the color's RGB value and returns that value as a string. If an
invalid color name was specified, this function signals an error,
except that empty color names are allowed when @code{allow-empty} is
non-@code{nil} and the user enters null input.
Interactively, or when @var{display} is non-@code{nill}, the return
value is also displayed in the echo area.
@end deffn
See also the functions @code{read-coding-system} and
@code{read-non-nil-coding-system}, in @ref{User-Chosen Coding Systems},
and @code{read-input-method-name}, in @ref{Input Methods}.
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