Commit ef1c5063 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(generic-x): Added defgroup declaration.

(generic-bat-mode-setup-function): Fixed comment-start variable.

(generic-define-mswindows-modes): Enable
hosts-generic-mode and apache-generic-mode.
(generic-define-unix-modes): Enable alias-generic-mode.
(java-properties-generic-mode): Changed regexp to allow property
and value to be separated by whitespace or an equal sign.
(alias-generic-mode): Check generic-extras-enable-list before
defining this mode.

(installshield-statement-keyword-list): New variable.
(installshield-system-functions-list): Likewise.
(installshield-system-variables-list): Likewise.
(installshield-types-list): Likewise.
(installshield-funarg-constants-list): Likewise.
(rul-generic-mode): Uses the variables listed above instead of
hard-coding the lists of keywords.
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