Commit ef29f213 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(insert_from_buffer, insert_from_buffer_1): New functions.

parent 579dd4be
......@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ the Free Software Foundation, 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA. */
static void insert_1 ();
static void insert_from_string_1 ();
static void insert_from_buffer_1 ();
static void gap_left ();
static void gap_right ();
static void adjust_markers ();
......@@ -305,8 +306,8 @@ make_gap (increment)
/* Insert a string of specified length before point.
DO NOT use this for the contents of a Lisp string!
prepare_to_modify_buffer could relocate the string. */
DO NOT use this for the contents of a Lisp string or a Lisp buffer!
prepare_to_modify_buffer could relocate the text. */
insert (string, length)
register unsigned char *string;
......@@ -438,6 +439,77 @@ insert_from_string_1 (string, pos, length, inherit)
adjust_point (length);
/* Insert text from BUF, starting at POS and having length LENGTH, into the
current buffer. If the text in BUF has properties, they are absorbed
into the current buffer.
It does not work to use `insert' for this, because a malloc could happen
and relocate BUF's text before the bcopy happens. */
insert_from_buffer (buf, pos, length, inherit)
struct buffer *buf;
int pos, length;
int inherit;
if (length > 0)
insert_from_buffer_1 (buf, pos, length, inherit);
signal_after_change (PT-length, 0, length);
static void
insert_from_buffer_1 (buf, pos, length, inherit)
struct buffer *buf;
int pos, length;
int inherit;
register Lisp_Object temp;
int chunk;
/* Make sure point-max won't overflow after this insertion. */
XSETINT (temp, length + Z);
if (length + Z != XINT (temp))
error ("maximum buffer size exceeded");
prepare_to_modify_buffer (PT, PT);
if (PT != GPT)
move_gap (PT);
if (GAP_SIZE < length)
make_gap (length - GAP_SIZE);
record_insert (PT, length);
if (pos < BUF_GPT (buf))
chunk = min (length, BUF_GPT (buf) - pos);
bcopy (BUF_CHAR_ADDRESS (buf, pos), GPT_ADDR, chunk);
chunk = 0;
if (chunk < length)
bcopy (BUF_CHAR_ADDRESS (buf, pos + chunk),
GPT_ADDR + chunk, length - chunk);
if (current_buffer->intervals != 0)
offset_intervals (current_buffer, PT, length);
GAP_SIZE -= length;
GPT += length;
ZV += length;
Z += length;
adjust_point (length);
/* Only defined if Emacs is compiled with USE_TEXT_PROPERTIES */
graft_intervals_into_buffer (copy_intervals (buf->intervals, pos, length),
PT - length, length, current_buffer, inherit);
/* Insert the character C before point */
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