Commit ef474bd3 authored by Michal Nazarewicz's avatar Michal Nazarewicz
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Fix compiler thinking tmpdir may be unitialised in emacsclient

This fixes the following warning:

	emacsclient.c: In function ‘set_local_socket’:
	/usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/bits/string3.h:111:3: error:
		‘tmpdir’ may be used uninitialized in this function
	   return __builtin___stpcpy_chk (__dest, __src, __bos (__dest));
	emacsclient.c:1197:17: note: ‘tmpdir’ was declared here
	     const char *tmpdir;

* lib-src/emacsclient.c (set_local_socket): Get rid of use_tmpdir
variable and instead use tmpdir being non-NULL as sign that it should
be used.
parent 5d7433ab
......@@ -1191,10 +1191,9 @@ set_local_socket (const char *local_socket_name)
int sock_status;
int use_tmpdir = 0;
int saved_errno;
const char *server_name = local_socket_name;
const char *tmpdir;
const char *tmpdir = NULL;
char *tmpdir_storage = NULL;
char *socket_name_storage = NULL;
......@@ -1202,7 +1201,6 @@ set_local_socket (const char *local_socket_name)
/* socket_name is a file name component. */
long uid = geteuid ();
use_tmpdir = 1;
tmpdir = egetenv ("TMPDIR");
if (!tmpdir)
......@@ -1240,7 +1238,7 @@ set_local_socket (const char *local_socket_name)
/* See if the socket exists, and if it's owned by us. */
sock_status = socket_status (server.sun_path);
saved_errno = errno;
if (sock_status && use_tmpdir)
if (sock_status && tmpdir)
/* Failing that, see if LOGNAME or USER exist and differ from
our euid. If so, look for a socket based on the UID
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