Commit ef733244 authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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* commands.h (unread_command_event): Doc fix.

	* commands.h (unread_switch_frame): Declare this extern.
parent a5611885
......@@ -49,8 +49,17 @@ extern Lisp_Object last_command_char;
reached by the mouse. */
extern Lisp_Object last_nonmenu_event;
/* Command character to be re-read, or -1 */
extern Lisp_Object unread_command_char;
/* Command event to be re-read, or Qnil. */
extern Lisp_Object unread_command_event;
/* If not Qnil, this is a switch-frame event which we decided to put
off until the end of a key sequence. This should be read as the
next command input, after any unread_command_event.
read_key_sequence uses this to delay switch-frame events until the
end of the key sequence; Fread_char uses it to put off switch-frame
events until a non-ASCII event is acceptable as input. */
extern Lisp_Object unread_switch_frame;
/* Previous command symbol found here for comparison */
extern Lisp_Object last_command;
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