Commit efee6861 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(Ffind_coding_system): Don't use Lisp_Object as integer.

parent 8c7d9baf
......@@ -3396,9 +3396,9 @@ which is a list of all the arguments given to `find-coding-system'.")
&& STRINGP (XCONS (elt)->car)
&& fast_string_match (XCONS (elt)->car, target) >= 0)
|| (INTEGERP (target) && EQ (target, XCONS (elt)->car))))
return (CONSP (val = XCONS (elt)->cdr)
return (val = XCONS (elt)->cdr, CONSP (val)
? val
: ((SYMBOLP (val) && Fboundp (val)
: ((SYMBOLP (val) && !NILP (Fboundp (val))
? call2 (val, Flist (nargs, args))
: Qnil)));
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