Commit eff77808 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(latex-complete-bibtex-cache, latex-complete-alist): New vars.

(latex-string-prefix-p, latex-complete-bibtex-keys, latex-complete-data)
(latex-complete-envnames, latex-complete-refkeys): New functions.
(latex-complete, latex-indent-or-complete): New commands.
parent 8ab1650e
2009-11-19 Stefan Monnier <>
* textmodes/tex-mode.el (latex-complete-bibtex-cache)
(latex-complete-alist): New vars.
(latex-string-prefix-p, latex-complete-bibtex-keys)
(latex-complete-envnames, latex-complete-refkeys)
(latex-complete-data): New functions.
(latex-complete, latex-indent-or-complete): New commands.
* window.el (display-buffer-mark-dedicated): New var.
(display-buffer): Obey it.
* minibuffer.el (minibuffer-completion-help): Use it.
......@@ -1420,6 +1420,116 @@ Puts point on a blank line between them."
\n "\\item " >)
;;;; LaTeX completion.
(defvar latex-complete-bibtex-cache nil)
(defun latex-string-prefix-p (str1 str2)
(eq t (compare-strings str1 nil nil str2 0 (length str1))))
(defvar bibtex-reference-key)
(declare-function reftex-get-bibfile-list "reftex-cite.el" ())
(defun latex-complete-bibtex-keys ()
(when (bound-and-true-p reftex-mode)
(lambda (key pred action)
(let ((re (concat "^[ \t]*@\\([a-zA-Z]+\\)[ \t\n]*\\([{(][ \t\n]*\\)"
(regexp-quote key)))
(files (reftex-get-bibfile-list))
(if (and (eq (car latex-complete-bibtex-cache)
(latex-string-prefix-p (nth 1 latex-complete-bibtex-cache)
;; Use the cache.
(setq keys (nth 2 latex-complete-bibtex-cache))
(dolist (file files)
(with-current-buffer (find-file-noselect file)
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (re-search-forward re nil t)
(goto-char (match-end 2))
(when (and (not (member-ignore-case (match-string 1)
'("c" "comment" "string")))
(looking-at bibtex-reference-key))
(push (match-string-no-properties 0) keys)))))
;; Fill the cache.
(set (make-local-variable 'latex-complete-bibtex-cache)
(list files key keys)))
(complete-with-action action keys key pred)))))
(defun latex-complete-envnames ()
(append latex-block-names latex-standard-block-names))
(defun latex-complete-refkeys ()
(when (boundp 'reftex-docstruct-symbol)
(symbol-value reftex-docstruct-symbol)))
(defvar latex-complete-alist
;; TODO: Add \begin, \end, \ref, ...
'(("\\`\\\\\\(short\\)?cite\\'" . latex-complete-bibtex-keys)
("\\`\\\\\\(begin\\|end\\)\\'" . latex-complete-envnames)
("\\`\\\\[vf]?ref\\'" . latex-complete-refkeys)))
(defun latex-complete-data ()
"Get completion-data at point."
(let ((pt (point)))
(skip-chars-backward "^ {}\n\t\\\\")
(case (char-before)
((nil ?\s ?\n ?\t ?\}) nil)
;; TODO: Complete commands.
;; Complete args to commands.
(let* ((cmd
(forward-char -1)
(skip-chars-backward " \n")
(buffer-substring (point)
(skip-chars-backward "a-zA-Z@*")
(let ((n (skip-chars-backward "\\\\")))
(forward-char (* 2 (/ n 2))))
(start (point))
(_ (progn (goto-char pt) (skip-chars-backward "^," start)))
(comp-beg (point))
(_ (progn (goto-char pt) (skip-chars-forward "^, {}\n\t\\\\")))
(comp-end (point))
(let ((f (lambda () t)))
(dolist (comp latex-complete-alist)
(if (string-match (car comp) cmd)
(setq f (cdr comp))))
(if (eq table t)
;; Unknown command.
(list comp-beg comp-end table))))))))
(defun latex-complete ()
"Perform completion at point for LaTeX mode.
Return non-nil if we found what to complete."
(let ((data (latex-complete-data)))
(when data
(apply 'completion-in-region data)
(defun latex-indent-or-complete ()
"Perform completion at point or indentation, according to DWIM.
The heuristic is to try indentation, if that fails try completion,
if that fails insert a tab."
(let ((undo buffer-undo-list)
(pos (point)))
(or (not (and (eq pos (point)) (eq undo buffer-undo-list)))
;;;; LaTeX syntax navigation
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