Commit f01de0db authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(file-chase-links): Delete redundant slashes.

Match `..' only at start of string.
parent 76214250
......@@ -381,11 +381,15 @@ unlike `file-truename'."
(while (setq tem (file-symlink-p newname))
(if (= count 0)
(error "Apparent cycle of symbolic links for %s" filename))
;; In the context of a link, `//' doesn't mean what Emacs thinks.
(while (string-match "//+" tem)
(setq tem (concat (substring tem 0 (1+ (match-beginning 0)))
(substring tem (match-end 0)))))
;; Handle `..' by hand, since it needs to work in the
;; target of any directory symlink.
;; This code is not quite complete; it does not handle
;; embedded .. in some cases such as ./../foo and foo/bar/../../../lose.
(while (string-match "\\.\\./" tem)
(while (string-match "\\`\\.\\./" tem)
(setq tem (substring tem 3))
(setq newname (file-name-as-directory
;; Do the .. by hand.
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