Commit f03311e5 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

* nt/INSTALL: Point to ezwinports for libXpm binaries.

parent 87fb1e38
......@@ -620,17 +620,12 @@ build will run on Windows 9X and newer systems).
compatible (for example, that they were built with the same compiler).
To support XPM images (required for color tool-bar icons), you will
need the libXpm library. Its DLL file is in binary distributions
for MS-Windows, available from
The header file xpm.h, required to build Emacs with XPM support, can
be found in archives available from the
same place. Make sure to copy xpm.h into the X11/ subdirectory of
your 'include' tree -- that's where Emacs sources expect it to be.
need the libXpm library. It is available from the ezwinports site,
For PNG images, we recommend to use versions 1.4.x and later of
libpng, because previous versions had security issues. You can find
precompiled libraries and headers on the ezwinports site,
precompiled libraries and headers on the ezwinports site.
Versions 1.4.0 and later of libpng are binary incompatible with
earlier versions, so Emacs will only look for libpng libraries which
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