Commit f042cfd8 authored by Andreas Schwab's avatar Andreas Schwab
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* lisp/mail/sendmail.el (send-mail-function): No longer delay custom

* lisp/custom.el (custom-initialize-delay): Doc fix.
parent 3fe4b549
2011-07-08 Andreas Schwab <>
* mail/sendmail.el (send-mail-function): No longer delay custom
* custom.el (custom-initialize-delay): Doc fix.
2011-07-08 Stefan Monnier <>
* abbrev.el (expand-abbrev): Try to preserve point (bug#5805).
......@@ -120,8 +120,10 @@ the :set function.
For variables in preloaded files, you can simply use this
function for the :initialize property. For autoloaded variables,
you will also need to add an autoload stanza calling this
function, and another one setting the standard-value property.
See `send-mail-function' in sendmail.el for an example."
function, and another one setting the standard-value property."
;; No longer true:
;; "See `send-mail-function' in sendmail.el for an example."
;; Until the var is actually initialized, it is kept unbound.
;; This seemed to be at least as good as setting it to an arbitrary
;; value like nil (evaluating `value' is not an option because it
......@@ -138,14 +138,6 @@ Otherwise, let mailer send back a message to report errors."
:group 'sendmail
:version "23.1")
;; Prevent problems with `window-system' not having the correct value
;; when loaddefs.el is loaded. `custom-reevaluate-setting' needs the
;; standard value.
(put 'send-mail-function 'standard-value
;; MS-Windows can access the clipboard even under -nw.
;; Useful to set in site-init.el
(defcustom send-mail-function 'sendmail-query-once
......@@ -161,7 +153,6 @@ This is used by the default mail-sending commands. See also
(function-item feedmail-send-it :tag "Use Feedmail package")
(function-item mailclient-send-it :tag "Use Mailclient package")
:initialize 'custom-initialize-delay
:version "24.1"
:group 'sendmail)
......@@ -212,8 +203,6 @@ function to use, and then save that choice."
(setq sendmail-query-once-function function))))
(funcall sendmail-query-once-function))
;;;###autoload(custom-initialize-delay 'send-mail-function nil)
(defcustom mail-header-separator (purecopy "--text follows this line--")
"Line used to separate headers from text in messages being composed."
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