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......@@ -160,8 +160,6 @@ Important General Concepts
* Keys:: Key sequences: what you type to request one
editing action.
* Commands:: Named functions run by key sequences to do editing.
* Text Characters:: Character set for text (the contents of buffers
and strings).
* Entering Emacs:: Starting Emacs from the shell.
* Exiting:: Stopping or killing Emacs.
* Emacs Invocation:: Hairy startup options.
......@@ -913,6 +911,7 @@ Customizing Key Bindings
* Minibuffer Maps:: The minibuffer uses its own local keymaps.
* Rebinding:: How to redefine one key's meaning conveniently.
* Init Rebinding:: Rebinding keys with your init file, @file{.emacs}.
* Modifier Keys:: Using modifier keys in key bindings.
* Function Keys:: Rebinding terminal function keys.
* Named ASCII Chars:: Distinguishing @key{TAB} from @kbd{C-i}, and so on.
* Mouse Buttons:: Rebinding mouse buttons in Emacs.
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