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* doc/emacs/haiku.texi: Remove duplicate text and
extraneous pxref.
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......@@ -56,9 +56,6 @@ the system, and those known to Emacs. The variables that allow for
that are described below.
@cindex modifier key customization (Haiku)
You can customize which Emacs modifiers the various system modifier
keys correspond to through the following variables:
@table @code
@vindex haiku-meta-keysym
@item haiku-meta-keysym
......@@ -126,8 +123,7 @@ several different font backends. You can specify font backends by
specifying @kbd{-xrm Emacs.fontBackend:BACKEND} on the command line
used to invoke Emacs, where @kbd{BACKEND} is one of the backends
specified below, or on a per-frame basis by changing the
@code{font-backend} frame parameter. (@pxref{Parameter Access,,,
elisp, The Emacs Lisp Reference Manual}).
@code{font-backend} frame parameter.
Two of these backends, @code{ftcr} and @code{ftcrhb} are identical
to their counterparts on the X Window System. There is also a
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