Commit f08adf27 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(register-input-method): Rename arg ENV to LANG-ENV. Fix previous change.

Delete args describe-map and setup-map.  Don't set up menus at all.
(set-language-info-alist): Set up menus here.
(setup-specified-language-environment): Doc fix.
parent 39a4c932
......@@ -419,8 +419,7 @@ see `language-info-alist'."
(if lang-slot
(cdr (assq key (cdr lang-slot))))))
(defun set-language-info (lang-env key info
&optional describe-map setup-map)
(defun set-language-info (lang-env key info)
"Modify part of the definition of language environment LANG-ENV.
Specifically, this stores the information INFO under KEY
in the definition of this language environment.
......@@ -428,11 +427,7 @@ KEY is a symbol denoting the kind of information.
INFO is the value for that information.
For a list of useful values for KEY and their meanings,
see `language-info-alist'.
Optional 4th and 5th args DESCRIBE-MAP and SETUP-MAP are keymaps to
register LANG-ENV in the menus `Mule'->`Describe Language
Environment' and `Mule'->`Setup Language Environment', respectively."
see `language-info-alist'."
(if (symbolp lang-env)
(setq lang-env (symbol-name lang-env)))
(let (lang-slot key-slot)
......@@ -445,16 +440,7 @@ Environment' and `Mule'->`Setup Language Environment', respectively."
(setq key-slot (list key))
(setcdr lang-slot (cons key-slot (cdr lang-slot)))))
;; Setup menu.
(cond ((eq key 'documentation)
(define-key-after describe-map (vector (intern lang-env))
(cons lang-env 'describe-specified-language-support) t))
((eq key 'setup-function)
(define-key-after setup-map (vector (intern lang-env))
(cons lang-env 'setup-specified-language-environment) t)))
(setcdr key-slot info)
(setcdr key-slot info)))
(defun set-language-info-alist (lang-env alist &optional parents)
"Store ALIST as the definition of language environment LANG-ENV.
......@@ -496,9 +482,19 @@ in the European submenu in each of those two menus."
(cons parent map) t)))
(setq setup-map (symbol-value map))
(setq l (cdr l)))))
;; Set up menu items for this language env.
(let ((doc (assq 'documentation alist))
(setup-function (assq 'setup-function alist)))
(when doc
(define-key-after describe-map (vector (intern lang-env))
(cons lang-env 'describe-specified-language-support) t))
(when setup-function
(define-key-after setup-map (vector (intern lang-env))
(cons lang-env 'setup-specified-language-environment) t)))
(while alist
(set-language-info lang-env (car (car alist)) (cdr (car alist))
describe-map setup-map)
(set-language-info lang-env (car (car alist)) (cdr (car alist)))
(setq alist (cdr alist)))))
(defun read-language-name (key prompt &optional default)
......@@ -604,9 +600,9 @@ Each element has the form:
See the function `register-input-method' for the meanings of the elements.")
(defun register-input-method (input-method env &rest args)
(defun register-input-method (input-method lang-env &rest args)
"Register INPUT-METHOD as an input method for language environment ENV.
INPUT-METHOD and ENV are symbols or strings.
INPUT-METHOD and LANG-ENV are symbols or strings.
The remaining arguments are:
......@@ -615,11 +611,11 @@ TITLE is a string to show in the mode line when this method is active.
DESCRIPTION is a string describing this method and what it is good for.
The ARGS, if any, are passed as arguments to ACTIVATE-FUNC.
All told, the arguments to ACTIVATE-FUNC are INPUT-METHOD and the ARGS."
(if (symbolp language-name)
(setq language-name (symbol-name language-name)))
(if (symbolp lang-env)
(setq lang-env (symbol-name lang-env)))
(if (symbolp input-method)
(setq input-method (symbol-name input-method)))
(let ((info (cons language-name args))
(let ((info (cons lang-env args))
(slot (assoc input-method input-method-alist)))
(if slot
(setcdr slot info)
......@@ -852,7 +848,7 @@ This hook is mainly used for cancelling the effect of
`set-language-environment-hook' (which-see).")
(defun setup-specified-language-environment ()
"Set up multi-lingual environment convenient for the specified language."
"Switch to a specified language environment."
(let (language-name)
(if (and (symbolp last-command-event)
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