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Extend go-ts-mode with command to add docstring to function

go-ts-mode is extended with command go-ts-mode-docstring which adds
docstring comment to the defun at point. If a comment already exists,
the point is instead moved to the top-most comment line. The command
is bound to "C-c C-d".

* lisp/progmodes/go-ts-mode.el (go-ts-mode): Extend docstring.
(go-ts-mode-docstring): New function.
(go-ts-mode--comment-on-previous-line-p): New function.
(go-ts-mode-map): New map variable.
* etc/NEWS: Mention the change.

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......@@ -181,6 +181,14 @@ the new argument NEW-BUFFER non-nil, it will use a new buffer instead.
Interactively, invoke 'eww-open-file' with a prefix argument to
activate this behavior.
** go-ts-mode
*** New command 'go-ts-mode-docstring'.
This command adds a docstring comment to the current defun. If a
comment already exists, point is only moved to the comment. It is
bound to 'C-c C-d' in 'go-ts-mode'.
* New Modes and Packages in Emacs 30.1
......@@ -177,9 +177,16 @@
(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.go\\'" . go-ts-mode))
(defvar-keymap go-ts-mode-map
:doc "Keymap used in Go mode, powered by tree-sitter"
:parent prog-mode-map
"C-c C-d" #'go-ts-mode-docstring)
(define-derived-mode go-ts-mode prog-mode "Go"
"Major mode for editing Go, powered by tree-sitter."
"Major mode for editing Go, powered by tree-sitter.
:group 'go
:syntax-table go-ts-mode--syntax-table
......@@ -274,6 +281,32 @@ Return nil if there is no name or if NODE is not a defun node."
(not (go-ts-mode--struct-node-p node))
(not (go-ts-mode--alias-node-p node))))
(defun go-ts-mode-docstring ()
"Add a docstring comment for the current defun.
The added docstring is prefilled with the defun's name. If the
comment already exists, jump to it."
(when-let ((defun-node (treesit-defun-at-point)))
(goto-char (treesit-node-start defun-node))
(if (go-ts-mode--comment-on-previous-line-p)
;; go to top comment line
(while (go-ts-mode--comment-on-previous-line-p)
(forward-line -1))
(insert "// " (treesit-defun-name defun-node))
(defun go-ts-mode--comment-on-previous-line-p ()
"Return t if the previous line is a comment."
(when-let ((point (- (pos-bol) 1))
((> point 0))
(node (treesit-node-at point)))
;; check point is actually inside the found node
;; treesit-node-at can return nodes after point
(<= (treesit-node-start node) point (treesit-node-end node))
(string-equal "comment" (treesit-node-type node)))))
;; go.mod support.
(defvar go-mod-ts-mode--syntax-table
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