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......@@ -197,7 +197,7 @@ more information.
Normally, the mode line looks like this:
-@var{cs}:@var{ch}-@var{fr} @var{buf} @var{pos} @var{line} (@var{major} @var{minor})------
-@var{cs}:@var{ch}@var{R}-@var{fr} @var{buf} @var{pos} @var{line} (@var{major} @var{minor})------
@end example
......@@ -211,6 +211,9 @@ been edited (the buffer is ``modified''), or @samp{--} if the buffer has
not been edited. For a read-only buffer, it is @samp{%*} if the buffer
is modified, and @samp{%%} otherwise.
@var{R} is @samp{@@} if the default-directory for the current buffer
is on a remote machine, or a hyphen otherwise.
@var{fr} gives the selected frame name (@pxref{Frames}). It appears
only on text-only terminals. The initial frame's name is @samp{F1}.
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