Commit f0b82b34 authored by Artur Malabarba's avatar Artur Malabarba
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* lisp/files.el (dir-locals--all-files): Use completion instead of wildcards

* lisp/files-x.el (modify-dir-local-variable)
* lisp/dos-fns.el (dosified-file-name)
* lisp/help-fns.el (describe-variable): Change accordingly.
parent 86e45139
......@@ -201,8 +201,8 @@ that are used in Emacs Lisp sources; any other file name will be
returned unaltered."
;; See files.el:dir-locals-file.
((string= file-name ".dir-locals.el")
((string= file-name ".dir-locals")
......@@ -444,10 +444,8 @@ from the MODE alist ignoring the input argument VALUE."
(if (nth 2 variables-file)
(car (last (dir-locals--all-files (car variables-file))))
(cadr variables-file)))
;; Try to make a proper file-name. This doesn't cover all
;; wildcards, but it covers the default value of `dir-locals-file'.
(t (replace-regexp-in-string
"\\*" "" (replace-regexp-in-string "\\?" "-" dir-locals-file)))))
;; Try to make a proper file-name.
(t (concat dir-locals-file ".el"))))
;; I can't be bothered to handle this case right now.
;; Dir locals were set directly from a class. You need to
;; directly modify the class in dir-locals-class-alist.
......@@ -3713,7 +3713,7 @@ VARIABLES list of the class. The list is processed in order.
applied by recursively following these rules."
(setf (alist-get class dir-locals-class-alist) variables))
(defconst dir-locals-file ".dir-locals*.el"
(defconst dir-locals-file ".dir-locals"
"Pattern for files that contain directory-local variables.
It has to be constant to enforce uniform values across different
environments and users.
......@@ -3730,16 +3730,19 @@ return a sorted list of all files matching `dir-locals-file' in
this directory.
The returned list is sorted by `string<' order."
(require 'seq)
(let ((default-directory (if (file-directory-p file-or-dir)
(let ((dir (if (file-directory-p file-or-dir)
(file (cond ((not (file-directory-p file-or-dir)) file-or-dir)
((eq system-type 'ms-dos) (dosified-file-name dir-locals-file))
(t dir-locals-file))))
(seq-filter (lambda (f) (and (file-readable-p f)
(file-regular-p f)))
(cond ((not (file-directory-p file-or-dir)) file-or-dir)
((eq system-type 'ms-dos) (dosified-file-name dir-locals-file))
(t dir-locals-file))
(file-regular-p f)
(not (file-directory-p f))))
(mapcar (lambda (f) (expand-file-name f dir))
(let ((completion-regexp-list '("\\.el\\'")))
(file-name-all-completions file dir)))))))
(defun dir-locals-find-file (file)
"Find the directory-local variables for FILE.
......@@ -918,25 +918,24 @@ if it is given a local binding.\n"))))
;; If the cache element has an mtime, we
;; assume it came from a file.
(if (nth 2 file)
(setq file (expand-file-name
dir-locals-file (car file)))
;; (car file) is a directory.
(setq file (dir-locals--all-files (car file)))
;; Otherwise, assume it was set directly.
(setq file (car file)
is-directory t)))
(if (null file)
(princ ".\n")
(princ ", set ")
(let ((files (file-expand-wildcards file)))
(princ (substitute-command-keys
(is-directory "for the directory\n `")
;; Many files matched.
((cdr files)
(setq file (file-name-directory (car files)))
(format "by a file\n matching `%s' in the directory\n `"
(t (setq file (car files))
"by the file\n `"))))
(princ (substitute-command-keys
(is-directory "for the directory\n `")
;; Many files matched.
((and (consp file) (cdr file))
(setq file (file-name-directory (car file)))
(format "by one of the\n %s files in the directory\n `"
(t (setq file (car file))
"by the file\n `"))))
(with-current-buffer standard-output
file 'type 'help-dir-local-var-def
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