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Improve documentation of 'delete-windows-on'

* doc/emacs/windows.texi (Change Window): Document

* lisp/window.el (delete-windows-on): Doc fix.  (Bug#34749)
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......@@ -255,6 +255,8 @@ Delete all windows in the selected frame except the selected window
Delete the selected window and kill the buffer that was showing in it
(@code{kill-buffer-and-window}). The last character in this key
sequence is a zero.
@item M-x delete-windows-on @key{RET} @var{buffer} @key{RET}
Delete windows showing the specified @var{buffer}.
@item C-x ^
Make selected window taller (@code{enlarge-window}).
@item C-x @}
......@@ -290,6 +292,11 @@ selected window.
whole frame. (This command cannot be used while the minibuffer window
is active; attempting to do so signals an error.)
@kbd{M-x delete-windows-on} deletes windows that show a specific
buffer. It prompts for the buffer, defaulting to the current buffer.
With prefix argument of zero, @kbd{C-u 0}, this command deletes
windows only on the current display's frames.
@cindex resize window
@cindex resizing windows
@kindex C-x ^
......@@ -4684,6 +4684,8 @@ displayed there."
BUFFER-OR-NAME may be a buffer or the name of an existing buffer
and defaults to the current buffer.
Interactively, prompt for the buffer.
The following non-nil values of the optional argument FRAME
have special meanings:
......@@ -4700,6 +4702,10 @@ have special meanings:
Any other value of FRAME means consider all windows on all
Interactively, FRAME is the prefix argument, so you can
use \\[universal-argument] 0 to specify all windows only on
the current terminal's frames.
When a window showing BUFFER-OR-NAME is dedicated and the only
window of its frame, that frame is deleted when there are other
frames left."
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