Commit f0d0fb19 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(describe-function-1): Print note about arglist of autoloaded

functions.  Move arglist of primitives up from end of doc string.
(help-manyarg-func-alist): Populate it.
parent 968e00f0
......@@ -693,21 +693,41 @@ It can also be nil, if the definition is not associated with any file."
(car (append def nil)))
((eq (car-safe def) 'lambda)
(nth 1 def))
((and (eq (car-safe def) 'autoload)
(not (eq (nth 4 def) 'keymap)))
(concat "[Arg list not available until "
"function definition is loaded.]"))
(t t))))
(if (listp arglist)
(princ (cons (if (symbolp function) function "anonymous")
(mapcar (lambda (arg)
(if (memq arg '(&optional &rest))
(intern (upcase (symbol-name arg)))))
(cond ((listp arglist)
(princ (cons (if (symbolp function) function "anonymous")
(mapcar (lambda (arg)
(if (memq arg '(&optional &rest))
(intern (upcase (symbol-name arg)))))
((stringp arglist)
(princ arglist)
(let ((doc (documentation function)))
(if doc
(progn (terpri)
(princ doc)
(help-setup-xref (list #'describe-function function) interactive-p))
(with-current-buffer standard-output
;; Builtins get the calling sequence at the end of
;; the doc string. Move it to the same place as
;; for other functions.
(when (looking-at (format "(%S[ )]" function))
(let ((start (point-marker)))
(goto-char (point-min))
(insert-buffer-substring (current-buffer) start)
(insert ?\n)
(delete-region (1- start) (point-max))
(goto-char (point-max)))))
(help-setup-xref (list #'describe-function function)
(princ "not documented")))))
(defun variable-at-point ()
......@@ -1290,4 +1310,73 @@ out of view."
(new-height (max (min text-height max-height) min-height)))
(enlarge-window (- new-height win-height)))))
;; `help-manyarg-func-alist' is defined primitively (in doc.c).
;; New primitives with `MANY' or `UNEVALLED' arglists should be added
;; to this alist.
;; The parens and function name are redundant, but it's messy to add
;; them in `documentation'.
(defconst help-manyarg-func-alist
'((list . "(list &rest OBJECTS)")
(vector . "(vector &rest OBJECTS)")
(make-byte-code . "(make-byte-code &rest ELEMENTS)")
. "(call-process PROGRAM &optional INFILE BUFFER DISPLAY &rest ARGS)")
(string . "(string &rest CHARACTERS)")
(+ . "(+ &rest NUMBERS-OR-MARKERS)")
(- . "(- &optional NUMBER-OR-MARKER &rest MORE-NUMBERS-OR-MARKERS)")
(* . "(* &rest NUMBERS-OR-MARKERS)")
(logand . "(logand &rest INTS-OR-MARKERS)")
(logior . "(logior &rest INTS-OR-MARKERS)")
(logxor . "(logxor &rest INTS-OR-MARKERS)")
. "(encode-time SECOND MINUTE HOUR DAY MONTH YEAR &optional ZONE)")
(insert . "(insert &rest ARGS)")
(insert-before-markers . "(insert-before-markers &rest ARGS)")
(message . "(message STRING &rest ARGUMENTS)")
(message-box . "(message-box STRING &rest ARGUMENTS)")
(message-or-box . "(message-or-box STRING &rest ARGUMENTS)")
(propertize . "(propertize STRING &rest PROPERTIES)")
(format . "(format STRING &rest OBJECTS)")
(apply . "(apply FUNCTION &rest ARGUMENTS)")
(run-hooks . "(run-hooks &rest HOOKS)")
(funcall . "(funcall FUNCTION &rest ARGUMENTS)")
(append . "(append &rest SEQUENCES)")
(concat . "(concat &rest SEQUENCES)")
(vconcat . "(vconcat vconcat)")
(nconc . "(nconc &rest LISTS)")
(widget-apply . "(widget-apply WIDGET PROPERTY &rest ARGS)")
(make-hash-table . "(make-hash-table &rest KEYWORD-ARGS)")
(insert-string . "(insert-string &rest ARGS)")
(start-process . "(start-process NAME BUFFER PROGRAM &rest PROGRAM-ARGS)")
(setq-default . "(setq-default SYMBOL VALUE [SYMBOL VALUE...])")
(save-excursion . "(save-excursion &rest BODY)")
(save-current-buffer . "(save-current-buffer &rest BODY)")
(save-restriction . "(save-restriction &rest BODY)")
(or . "(or CONDITIONS ...)")
(and . "(and CONDITIONS ...)")
(if . "(if COND THEN ELSE...)")
(cond . "(cond CLAUSES...)")
(progn . "(progn BODY ...)")
(prog1 . "(prog1 FIRST BODY...)")
(prog2 . "(prog2 X Y BODY...)")
(setq . "(setq SYM VAL SYM VAL ...)")
(quote . "(quote ARG)")
(function . "(function ARG)")
(defun . "(defun NAME ARGLIST [DOCSTRING] BODY...)")
(defmacro . "(defmacro NAME ARGLIST [DOCSTRING] BODY...)")
(defvar . "(defvar SYMBOL [INITVALUE DOCSTRING])")
(defconst . "(defconst SYMBOL INITVALUE [DOCSTRING])")
(let* . "(let* VARLIST BODY...)")
(let . "(let VARLIST BODY...)")
(while . "(while TEST BODY...)")
(catch . "(catch TAG BODY...)")
(unwind-protect . "(unwind-protect BODYFORM UNWINDFORMS...)")
(condition-case . "(condition-case VAR BODYFORM HANDLERS...)")
(track-mouse . "(track-mouse BOFY ...)")
(ml-if . "(ml-if COND THEN ELSE...)"))))
;;; help.el ends here
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