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Upgraded to MH-E version 7.4.80.

See etc/MH-E-NEWS and lisp/mh-e/ChangeLog for details.
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2004-08-15 Bill Wohler <>
* NEWS, MH-E-NEWS: Upgraded to MH-E version 7.4.80.
2004-08-14 Romain Francoise <>
* NEWS: Mention the thumbs.el package.
......@@ -6,6 +6,372 @@ Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.
* Changes in MH-E 7.4.80
Version 7.4.80 now supports GNU mailutils, S/MIME, picons,
which-func-mode, has an improved interface for hiding header fields,
improves upon the MH variant detection, and contains many bug fixes.
Those of you familiar with the GNU version numbering schemes will
recognize this as an alpha release. This does not reflect on the
quality of this release which is as high as it has always been.
Although we are not ready to release 8.0, we want you to have access
to the work that has been hiding in CVS. At the same time we want to
make it clear that there are incompatible changes with previous
We are planning to release the long-awaited manual update synchronized
with version 8.0. We are using documentation from the manual in the
docstrings which is hoped to make "C-h f (describe-function)" really
useful and create a seamless experience when switching back and forth
between the manual and the docstrings. This has been done in about
half of the variables and functions in this version.
The writing of the manual has revealed a few inconsistencies in the
software whose fixes have resulted in incompatible changes, and there
may well be more. So, unlike version 7 which was chock full of new
features, version 8's strengths will include complete documentation
and higher quality.
** New Features in MH-E 7.4.80
*** GNU mailutils Support
MH-E now supports GNU mailutils 0.4 and higher versions.
*** S/MIME Support
MH-E now supports S/MIME using Gnus 5.10.6 or higher.
*** Picon Support
In addition to the other methods of displaying an icon for the sender
of a message, MH-E can now display images from a picon directory. The
directory search path is found in the `mh-picon-directory-list'
variable. More documentation is found in the "facedb" sections in the
xfaces man page. [NOTE: need to make mh-picon-directory-list an option
and add xfaces facedb documentation to it.]
*** X-Image-URL Updates
Now support the use of `curl' and `fetch' as alternatives to `wget' to
obtain the image. The display of images are controlled with the
`mh-show-use-xface-flag' option while the `mh-fetch-x-image-url'
option controls how the images are fetched.
WARNING: There are security concerns with this feature. Please read
the documentation for these options carefully before changing the
*** Updates to mh-identity-list
Note that the field names found in `mh-identity-list' that refer to
the fields in `mh-identity-handlers' have changed in an incompatible
way from 7.4.4. In general, the symbolic names now have a ":" prefix
to avoid collisions with header fields. Before starting Emacs, edit
your .emacs and insert ":" before "signature" if you have defined it.
You can change your attribution in replies with the new "Attribution
Verb" field, and you can set your default GPG user ID with the "GPG
key ID" field.
Signatures can now be read from the `mh-signature-file-name' variable,
or come from a function, in addition to a named file. If you write
your own function, variables that you can use include
`mh-signature-separator-regexp', `mh-signature-separator',
and `mh-signature-separator-p'.
The handling of these fields has been moved into a new
`mh-identity-handlers' option, an alist of fields (strings) and
handlers (functions). Strings are lowercase. Use ":signature" for
Signature and ":pgg-default-user-id" for GPG Key ID. The function
associated with the string "default" is used if no other functions are
appropriate. For this reason, don't name a header field "Default".
If you point your signature at a vCard file with a vcf suffix, then it
will be incorporated as a vCard body part (closes SF #802723).
*** Catchup Command
There is a new "F c (mh-catchup)" command that marks all unread
messages in the current folder as read.
*** Change Content-Type Renderer on the Fly in MH-Show Buffer
This has been implemented by adding the key binding "K e
(mh-display-with-external-viewer)". For inline text/html parts,
buttons aren't displayed by default. In that case use "K t
(mh-toggle-mime-buttons)" to display the button before viewing it with
an external browser (closes SF #839318).
*** Use which-func-mode to Display Folder in Index Mode
Turning on `which-func-mode' displays the folder name of the message
under the cursor in index folders (closes SF #855520).
*** Render Signature and vCard in Italics
This has been implemented. Use `mh-show-signature-face' to customize
the face used (closes SF #802722).
*** New Print Map
There is now a keymap for the printing functions whose prefix is "P".
The command "l (mh-print-msg)" has been replaced with "P l". Other new
functions in this keymap include:
P A mh-ps-print-toggle-mime
P C mh-ps-print-toggle-color
P F mh-ps-print-toggle-faces
P M mh-ps-print-toggle-mime
P f mh-ps-print-msg-file
P l mh-print-msg
P p mh-ps-print-msg
P s mh-ps-print-msg-show
*** Draft Buffer Keymap Changes
The keymap in the draft buffer has been modified slightly. The old
anonymous ftp and tar composition commands have been reinstated and
letter signing and encrypting keymaps have been added.
The type of signing or encryption has been generalized so the method
is now an option rather than a part of the function's name. The option
is `mh-mml-method-default' and choices include PGP (MIME), PGP,
S/MIME, or none.
Key 7.4.4 7.4.80
C-c RET C-e mh-mml-secure-message-encrypt-pgpmime
C-c RET C-s mh-mml-secure-message-sign-pgpmime
C-c RET C-g - mh-mhn-compose-anon-ftp
C-c RET C-n - mh-mml-unsecure-message
C-c RET C-s - mh-mml-secure-message-sign
C-c RET C-t - mh-mhn-compose-external-compressed-tar
C-c RET C-s mh-mml-secure-message-sign-pgpmime
C-c RET C-x - mh-mhn-compose-external-type
C-c RET e mh-mml-secure-message-encrypt-pgpmime
Prefix Command
C-c RET e e - mh-mml-secure-message-encrypt
C-c RET e s - mh-mml-secure-message-signencrypt
C-c RET g - mh-mhn-compose-anon-ftp
C-c RET n - mh-mml-unsecure-message
C-c RET s mh-mml-secure-message-sign-pgpmime
Prefix Command
C-c RET s e - mh-mml-secure-message-signencrypt
C-c RET s s - mh-mml-secure-message-sign
C-c RET t - mh-mhn-compose-external-compressed-tar
C-c RET x - mh-mhn-compose-external-type
*** Speedbar: Highlight Folders With Unseen
The speedbar now renders the folders with unseen messages in boldface
which makes them easier to identify (closes SF #623369).
*** Quick Key Help
The "? (mh-help)" function now displays the help in its own buffer
called *MH-E Help* (closes SF #493740 and SF #656631).
*** New Startup File mh-e-autoloads.el
If you are installing MH-E yourself, then you can replace any
autoloads you may have with "(require 'mh-e-autoloads.el)". See the
README for details.
*** Glimpse Support Removed
Since glimpse isn't free, we cannot mention it. Glimpse has been
removed from the option `mh-indexer-choices' (closes SF #831276).
*** mh-msg-is-in-seq Update
Can now specify an alternate message number to "S s
(mh-msg-is-in-seq)" with a prefix argument.
** New Variables in MH-E 7.4.80
Variables that have been added to MH-E that have not been discussed
elsewhere are listed here.
*** mail-citation-hook
Hook for modifying a citation just inserted in the mail buffer.
*** mh-alias-reloaded-hook
Invoked by `mh-alias-reload' after reloading aliases.
*** mh-auto-fields-prompt-flag
Non-nil means to prompt before sending if fields in
`mh-auto-fields-list' are inserted.
*** mh-default-folder-for-message-function
Function to select a default folder for refiling or `Fcc'.
*** mh-forward-hook
Invoked on the forwarded letter by "f (mh-forward)".
*** mh-invisible-header-fields-default
List of hidden header fields. The header fields listed in this option
are hidden, although you can check off any field that you would like
to see. Header fields that you would like to hide that aren't listed
can be added to the `mh-invisible-header-fields' option (closes SF
The option `mh-visible-header-fields' has been deleted.
*** mh-junk-background
If on, spam programs are run in background. This used to be the
default behavior but this could overwhelm a system if many messages
were black- or whitelisted at once. The spam programs are now run in
the foreground, but this option can be used to put them back in the
*** mh-signature-separator-flag
Non-nil means a signature separator should be inserted. It is not
recommended that you change this option since various mail user
agents, including MH-E, use the separator to present the signature
differently, and to suppress the signature when replying or yanking a
letter into a draft.
*** mh-variant
Specifies the variant used by MH-E. The default setting of this option
is `Auto-detect' which means that MH-E will automatically choose the
first of nmh, MH, or GNU mailutils that it finds in the directories
listed in `mh-path', `mh-sys-path', and `exec-path'. If, for example,
you have both nmh and mailutils installed and `mh-variant-in-use' was
initialized to nmh but you want to use mailutils, then you can set
this option to `mailutils'.
When this variable is changed, MH-E resets `mh-progs', `mh-lib',
`mh-lib-progs', `mh-flists-present-flag', and `mh-variant-in-use'
If you've set these variables in your .emacs, it is strongly suggested
that you comment them out. The MH detection code has been completely
rewritten and it is very likely that you no longer to set them and
their setting may confuse other MH-E settings.
** Variables Deleted in MH-E
Variables that have been removed from MH-E that have not been
discussed elsewhere are listed here.
*** mh-alias-system-aliases
System definitions should not be a user option.
*** mh-junk-mail-folder
Since this variable can accept values other than folder names, it was
renamed to `mh-junk-disposition' to more accurately reflect the content.
** Bug Fixes in MH-E 7.4.80
Many bugs were fixed in this version that aren't listed below.
*** mh-extract-rejected-mail Can't Do MIME (and Other Formats)
Now handles qmail and exim bounces (addresses SF #404965).
*** mh-rmail Hangs in XEmacs
We've determined that MH-E is incompatible with some versions of
XEmacs (21.5.9-21.5.16). More recent versions work fine. If you think
our list is too broad, please let us know which version of XEmacs you
are using (closes SF #644321).
*** Inconsistent Prompts
Prompt formats are now consistent throughout the application (closes
SF #730470).
*** Empty Shell Comments Confuse mh-mhn-directive-present-p
If you had a string that matched the regexp "^# $" in your draft, it
would cause an error. This has been fixed (closes SF #762458).
*** Quote Hashes When mhbuild Directives Used
A related bug, if you had empty shell comments but inserted your own
directives, you'd get another error from mhbuild. This has been fixed
by quoting the hash ("^# $") like this "##" before submitting to
mhbuild (closes SF #762464).
*** Inconsistent Usage in Scan Formatting Variables
The variables:
used to contain strings. Although only the first character was read,
the entire string would be inserted which may have caused problems.
These variables have been converted to character constants so that
only a single character can be inserted into the scan line (closes SF
*** Bad Handling of Aliases That Conflict With Local User Names
If a user name existed both locally and in the aliases file, the local
user would be flashed, but the alias would be used when sending. This
has been fixed so that the user name that is flashed is the same as
the name that is sent (closes SF #772595).
*** Args out of range
In rare and non-reproducible circumstances, compilation sometimes
threw an "Args out of range" error. Nonetheless, this has been fixed
(closes SF #806577).
*** mh-forward hard-codes '-mime' Switch on nmh
Added new option `mh-compose-forward-as-mime-flag' that controls whether
messages are forwarded as MIME attachments (closes SF #827203).
*** Not Re-prompted to Sign After Pass Phrase Typo
If there were errors when sending a signed message (like getting the
pass phrase wrong), the MML markup remained in the draft buffer. The
draft buffer is now restored if there is an error (closes SF #839303).
*** Font-lock Gets Confused in MH-Letter Buffer
If a user manually moved the cursor to the end of the header field
separator line (by mouse click or keyboard navigation) and hit Enter
to start typing their message, any line in the body with a colon would
be fontified with a gray background. This has been fixed (closes SF
*** mh-refile-msg Fails to Suggest Folder for Empty Message
If you received a message with an empty body from someone who is
listed in your aliases file, "o (mh-refile-msg)" failed to suggest the
correct folder. This has been fixed (closes SF #917096).
*** Error Visiting Folder With no Unseen Messages
If you visited a folder without unseen messages and the option "flist:
-noshowzero" is present in your ~/.mh_profile, you'd get an error. This
has been fixed (closes SF #933954).
* Changes in MH-E 7.4.4
Version 7.4.4 addresses programmatic issues from the FSF and prepares
......@@ -18,7 +384,7 @@ code moved here from desktop.el.
* Changes in MH-E 7.4.3
Version 7.4.3 fixes the problem where mh-identity-list was not getting
Version 7.4.3 fixes the problem where `mh-identity-list' was not getting
set from .emacs.
* Changes in MH-E 7.4.2
......@@ -658,7 +658,7 @@ You can now put the init files .emacs and .emacs_SHELL under
** MH-E changes.
Upgraded to MH-E version 7.4.4. There have been major changes since
Upgraded to MH-E version 7.4.80. There have been major changes since
version 5.0.2; see MH-E-NEWS for details.
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -27,75 +27,12 @@
;;; Commentary:
;; [To be deleted when documented in MH-E manual.]
;; This module provides mail alias completion when entering addresses.
;; Use the TAB key to complete aliases (and optionally local usernames) when
;; initially composing a message in the To: and Cc: minibuffer prompts. You
;; may enter multiple addressees separated with a comma (but do *not* add any
;; space after the comma).
;; In the header of a message draft, use "M-TAB (mh-letter-complete)" to
;; complete aliases. This is useful when you want to add an addressee as an
;; afterthought when creating a message, or when adding an additional
;; addressee to a reply.
;; By default, completion is case-insensitive. This can be changed by
;; customizing the variable `mh-alias-completion-ignore-case-flag'. This is
;; useful, for example, to differentiate between people aliases in lowercase
;; such as:
;; p.galbraith: Peter Galbraith <>
;; and lists in uppercase such as:
;; MH-E: MH-E mailing list <>
;; Note that this variable affects minibuffer completion only. If you have an
;; alias for P.Galbraith and type in p.galbraith at the prompt, it will still
;; be expanded in the letter buffer because MH is case-insensitive.
;; When you press ", (mh-alias-minibuffer-confirm-address)" after an alias in
;; the minibuffer, the expansion for the previous mail alias appears briefly.
;; To inhibit this, customize the variable `mh-alias-flash-on-comma'.
;; The addresses and aliases entered in the minibuffer are added to the
;; message draft. To expand the aliases before they are added to the draft,
;; customize the variable `mh-alias-expand-aliases-flag'.
;; Completion is also performed on usernames extracted from the /etc/passwd
;; file. This can be a handy tool on a machine where you and co-workers
;; exchange messages, but should probably be disabled on a system with
;; thousands of users you don't know. This is done by customizing the
;; variable `mh-alias-local-users'. This variable also takes a string which
;; is executed to generate the password file. For example, you'd use "ypcat
;; passwd" for NIS.
;; Aliases are loaded the first time you send mail and get the "To:" prompt
;; and whenever a source of aliases changes. Sources of system aliases are
;; defined in the customization variable `mh-alias-system-aliases' and
;; include:
;; /etc/nmh/MailAliases
;; /usr/lib/mh/MailAliases
;; /etc/passwd
;; Sources of personal aliases are read from the files listed in your MH
;; profile component Aliasfile. Multiple files are separated by white space
;; and are relative to your mail directory.
;; Alias Insertions
;; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
;; There are commands to insert new aliases into your alias file(s) (defined
;; by the `Aliasfile' component in the .mh_profile file or by the variable
;; `mh-alias-insert-file'). In particular, there is a tool-bar icon to grab
;; an alias from the From line of the current message.
;;; Change Log:
;;; Code:
(eval-when-compile (require 'mh-acros))
(require 'mh-e)
(load "cmr" t t) ; Non-fatal dependency for
; completing-read-multiple.
......@@ -116,15 +53,23 @@
(defvar mh-alias-tstamp nil
"Time aliases were last loaded.")
(defvar mh-alias-read-address-map nil)
(if mh-alias-read-address-map
(unless mh-alias-read-address-map
(setq mh-alias-read-address-map
(copy-keymap minibuffer-local-completion-map))
(if mh-alias-flash-on-comma
(define-key mh-alias-read-address-map
"," 'mh-alias-minibuffer-confirm-address))
(define-key mh-alias-read-address-map
"," 'mh-alias-minibuffer-confirm-address)
(define-key mh-alias-read-address-map " " 'self-insert-command))
(defvar mh-alias-system-aliases
'("/etc/nmh/MailAliases" "/etc/mh/MailAliases"
"/usr/lib/mh/MailAliases" "/usr/share/mailutils/mh/MailAliases"
"*A list of system files which are a source of aliases.
If these files are modified, they are automatically reread. This list need
include only system aliases and the passwd file, since personal alias files
listed in your `Aliasfile:' MH profile component are automatically included.
You can update the alias list manually using \\[mh-alias-reload].")
;;; Alias Loading
......@@ -138,7 +83,7 @@ This is a wrapper around `assoc-string' or `assoc-ignore-case'. Avoid
(defun mh-alias-tstamp (arg)
"Check whether alias files have been modified.
Return t if any file listed in the MH profile component Aliasfile has been
Return t if any file listed in the Aliasfile MH profile component has been
modified since the timestamp.
If ARG is non-nil, set timestamp with the current time."
(if arg
......@@ -157,7 +102,7 @@ If ARG is non-nil, set timestamp with the current time."
(defun mh-alias-filenames (arg)
"Return list of filenames that contain aliases.
The filenames come from the MH profile component Aliasfile and are expanded.
The filenames come from the Aliasfile profile component and are expanded.
If ARG is non-nil, filenames listed in `mh-alias-system-aliases' are appended."
(or mh-progs (mh-find-path))
......@@ -201,7 +146,8 @@ non-nil."
(defun mh-alias-local-users ()
"Return an alist of local users from /etc/passwd."
"Return an alist of local users from /etc/passwd.
Exclude all aliases already in `mh-alias-alist' from `ali'"
(let (passwd-alist)
(set-buffer (get-buffer-create mh-temp-buffer))
......@@ -222,23 +168,33 @@ non-nil."
(gecos-name (match-string 3))
(realname (mh-alias-gecos-name
gecos-name username
(setq passwd-alist
(list (if mh-alias-local-users-prefix
(concat mh-alias-local-users-prefix
(mh-alias-suggest-alias realname t))
(if (string-equal username realname)
(concat "<" username ">")
(concat realname " <" username ">")))
(alias-name (if mh-alias-local-users-prefix
(concat mh-alias-local-users-prefix
(mh-alias-suggest-alias realname t))
(if (string-equal username realname)
(concat "<" username ">")
(concat realname " <" username ">"))))
(when (not (mh-assoc-ignore-case alias-name mh-alias-alist))
(setq passwd-alist (cons (list alias-name alias-translation)
(forward-line 1)))
(defun mh-alias-reload ()
"Load MH aliases into `mh-alias-alist'."
"Reload MH aliases.
Since aliases are updated frequently, MH-E will reload aliases automatically
whenever an alias lookup occurs if an alias source (a file listed in your
`Aliasfile:' profile component and your password file if variable
`mh-alias-local-users' is non-nil) has changed. However, you can reload your
aliases manually by calling this command directly.
The value of `mh-alias-reloaded-hook' is a list of functions to be called,
with no arguments, after the aliases have been loaded."
(message "Loading MH aliases...")
......@@ -269,13 +225,14 @@ non-nil."
(if (not (mh-assoc-ignore-case (car user) mh-alias-alist))
(setq mh-alias-alist (append mh-alias-alist (list user))))
(setq local-users (cdr local-users)))))
(run-hooks 'mh-alias-reloaded-hook)
(message "Loading MH aliases...done"))
(defun mh-alias-reload-maybe ()
"Load new MH aliases."
(if (or (eq mh-alias-alist 'not-read) ; Doesn't exist, so create it.
(mh-alias-tstamp nil)) ; Out of date, so recreate it.
(if (or (eq mh-alias-alist 'not-read) ; Doesn't exist?
(mh-alias-tstamp nil)) ; Out of date?
......@@ -461,21 +418,21 @@ is converted to lower case."
(defun mh-alias-insert-file (&optional alias)
"Return the alias file to write a new entry for ALIAS in.
Use variable `mh-alias-insert-file' if non-nil, else use AliasFile component
If ALIAS is specified and it already exists, try to return the file that
contains it."
"Return filename which should be used to add ALIAS.
The value of the option `mh-alias-insert-file' is used if non-nil\; otherwise
the value of the `Aliasfile:' profile component is used.
If the alias already exists, try to return the name of the file that contains
((and mh-alias-insert-file (listp mh-alias-insert-file))
(if (not (elt mh-alias-insert-file 1)) ; Only one entry, use it
(car mh-alias-insert-file)
(if (or (not alias)
(string-equal alias (mh-alias-ali alias))) ;alias doesn't exist
(completing-read "Alias file [press Tab]: "
(completing-read "Alias file: "