Commit f0da4f03 authored by Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Ingebrigtsen

Be stricter in what we accept and add more tests

parent b00264de
......@@ -26,6 +26,13 @@
(require 'time-date)
(require 'cl-lib)
(defun iso8601--concat-regexps (regexps)
(mapconcat (lambda (regexp)
(concat "\\(?:"
(replace-regexp-in-string "(" "(?:" regexp)
regexps "\\|"))
(defconst iso8601--year-match
(defconst iso8601--full-date-match
......@@ -39,17 +46,13 @@
(defconst iso8601--ordinal-date-match
(defconst iso8601--date-match
(mapconcat (lambda (regexp)
(concat "\\(?:"
(replace-regexp-in-string "(" "(?:" regexp)
(list iso8601--year-match
(list iso8601--year-match
(defconst iso8601--time-match
......@@ -57,6 +60,25 @@
(defconst iso8601--zone-match
(defconst iso8601--combined-match
(concat "\\(" iso8601--date-match "\\)"
(replace-regexp-in-string "(" "(?:" iso8601--time-match)
"\\(" iso8601--zone-match "\\)?"))
(defconst iso8601--duration-full-match
(defconst iso8601--duration-week-match
(defconst iso8601--duration-combined-match
(concat "P" iso8601--combined-match))
(defconst iso8601--duration-match
(list iso8601--duration-full-match
(defun iso8601-parse (string)
"Parse an ISO 8601 date/time string and return a `decoded-time' structure.
......@@ -189,19 +211,14 @@ Return the number of minutes."
(defun iso8601-valid-p (string)
"Say whether STRING is a valid ISO 8601 representation."
(iso8601--match (concat "\\(" iso8601--date-match "\\)"
"(" "(?:" iso8601--time-match)
"\\(" iso8601--zone-match "\\)?")
(iso8601--match iso8601--combined-match string))
(defun iso8601-parse-duration (string)
"Parse ISO 8601 durations on the form P3Y6M4DT12H30M5S."
((and (string-match "\\`P\\([0-9]+Y\\)?\\([0-9]+M\\)?\\([0-9]+D\\)?\\(T\\([0-9]+H\\)?\\([0-9]+M\\)?\\([0-9]+S\\)?\\)?\\'"
((and (iso8601--match iso8601--duration-full-match string)
;; Just a "P" isn't valid; there has to be at least one
;; element, like P1M.
(> (length (match-string 0 string)) 2))
(iso8601--decoded-time :year (or (match-string 1 string) 0)
:month (or (match-string 2 string) 0)
......@@ -210,13 +227,12 @@ Return the number of minutes."
:minute (or (match-string 6 string) 0)
:second (or (match-string 7 string) 0)))
;; PnW: Weeks.
((string-match "\\`P\\([0-9]+\\)W\\'" string)
((iso8601--match iso8601--duration-week-match string)
(let ((weeks (string-to-number (match-string 1 string))))
;; Does this make sense? Hm...
(iso8601--decoded-time :day (* weeks 7))))
;; P<date>T<time>
((and (string-match "\\`P" string)
(iso8601-valid-p (substring string 1)))
((iso8601--match iso8601--duration-combined-match string)
(iso8601-parse (substring string 1)))
(signal 'wrong-type-argument string))))
......@@ -228,17 +244,20 @@ Return the number of minutes."
(if (not (= (length bits) 2))
(signal 'wrong-type-argument string)
((string-match "\\`P" (car bits))
((and (string-match "\\`P" (car bits))
(iso8601-valid-p (cadr bits)))
(setq duration (iso8601-parse-duration (car bits))
end (encode-time (iso8601-parse (cadr bits)))
start (time-subtract end (encode-time duration))))
((string-match "\\`P" (cadr bits))
end (iso8601-parse (cadr bits))))
((and (string-match "\\`P" (cadr bits))
(iso8601-valid-p (car bits)))
(setq duration (iso8601-parse-duration (cadr bits))
start (encode-time (iso8601-parse (car bits)))
end (time-add start (encode-time duration))))
start (iso8601-parse (car bits))))
((and (iso8601-valid-p (car bits))
(iso8601-valid-p (cadr bits)))
(setq start (encode-time (iso8601-parse (car bits)))
end (encode-time (iso8601-parse (cadr bits)))))))
end (encode-time (iso8601-parse (cadr bits)))))
(signal 'wrong-type-argument string))))
(list start end)))
(defun iso8601--match (regexp string)
......@@ -84,4 +84,11 @@
(should (equal (iso8601-parse-duration "P0003-06-04T12:30:05")
'(5 30 12 4 6 3 nil nil nil))))
(ert-deftest test-iso8601-invalid ()
(should-not (iso8601-valid-p " 2008-03-02T13:47:30-01"))
(should-not (iso8601-valid-p "2008-03-02T13:47:30-01:200"))
(should-not (iso8601-valid-p "2008-03-02T13:47:30-01 "))
(should-not (iso8601-valid-p "2008-03-02 T 13:47:30-01 "))
(should-not (iso8601-valid-p "20008-03-02T13:47:30-01")))
;;; iso8601-tests.el ends here
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