Commit f113512f authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

* test/lisp/autorevert-tests.el: Give on on remote hydra.nixos tests.

(auto-revert--test-enabled-remote): Disable on hydra.nixos.
parent 8f3bd260
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in 57 minutes and 40 seconds
......@@ -62,9 +62,6 @@
tramp-verbose 0
tramp-message-show-message nil)
(when (getenv "EMACS_HYDRA_CI")
(add-to-list 'tramp-remote-path 'tramp-own-remote-path))
(defconst auto-revert--timeout 10
"Time to wait for a message.")
......@@ -114,6 +111,7 @@ being the result.")
t (ignore-errors
(not (getenv "EMACS_HYDRA_CI"))
(file-remote-p auto-revert-test-remote-temporary-file-directory)
(file-directory-p auto-revert-test-remote-temporary-file-directory)
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