Commit f1450e9f authored by Alan Mackenzie's avatar Alan Mackenzie

Complete documentation of syntax flags by adding `c'

* doc/lispref/syntax.texi ("Syntax Table Internals"): Add entry for `c'
as `(1 lsh 23)'.
parent 6bdcaec8
......@@ -1018,7 +1018,7 @@ corresponds to each syntax flag.
@samp{3} @tab @code{(lsh 1 18)} @tab @samp{n} @tab @code{(lsh 1 22)}
@samp{4} @tab @code{(lsh 1 19)}
@samp{4} @tab @code{(lsh 1 19)} @tab @samp{c} @tab @code{(lsh 1 23)}
@end multitable
@defun string-to-syntax desc
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