Commit f14ed477 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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* lread.c (string_to_number): Simplify the 2011-04-26 change by invoking xsignal1.

parent e4d29b33
......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@
All uses changed. This doesn't fix a bug, but it simplifies the
code away from its former Hollerith-constant appearance, and it's
one less 'int' to worry about when looking at integer-overflow issues.
(string_to_number): Simplify the 2011-04-26 change by invoking xsignal1.
* lisp.h (DEFUN): Remove bogus use of sizeof (struct Lisp_Subr).
This didn't break anything, but it didn't help either.
......@@ -3333,7 +3333,7 @@ string_to_number (char const *string, int base, int ignore_trailing)
/* Unfortunately there's no simple and accurate way to convert
non-base-10 numbers that are out of C-language range. */
if (base != 10)
xsignal (Qoverflow_error, list1 (build_string (string)));
xsignal1 (Qoverflow_error, build_string (string));
else if (n <= (negative ? -MOST_NEGATIVE_FIXNUM : MOST_POSITIVE_FIXNUM))
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