Commit f15078e2 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa

(describe-char-display): New function.

(describe-char): Pay attention to display table on describing how
a character is displayed.
parent e5bc082b
......@@ -434,6 +434,19 @@ otherwise."
;;; (string-to-number
;;; (nth 13 fields) 16))
;;; ??)))))))))))
;; Return information about how CHAR is displayed at the buffer
;; position POS. If the selected frame is on a graphic display,
;; return a cons (FONTNAME . GLYPH-CODE). Otherwise, return a string
;; describing the terminal codes for the character.
(defun describe-char-display (pos char)
(if (display-graphic-p (selected-frame))
(internal-char-font pos char)
(let* ((coding (terminal-coding-system))
(encoded (encode-coding-char char coding)))
(if encoded
(encoded-string-description encoded coding)))))
(defun describe-char (pos)
......@@ -449,8 +462,11 @@ as well as widgets, buttons, overlays, and text properties."
(charset (char-charset char))
(buffer (current-buffer))
(composition (find-composition pos nil nil t))
(composed (if composition (buffer-substring (car composition)
(nth 1 composition))))
(component-chars nil)
(display-table (or (window-display-table)
(disp-vector (and display-table (aref display-table char)))
(multibyte-p enable-multibyte-characters)
item-list max-width unicode)
(if (eq charset 'unknown)
......@@ -514,15 +530,46 @@ as well as widgets, buttons, overlays, and text properties."
(format "(encoded by coding system %S)" coding))
(list "not encodable by coding system"
(symbol-name coding)))))
,(if (display-graphic-p (selected-frame))
(list "font" (or (internal-char-font pos)
"-- none --"))
(list "terminal code"
(let* ((coding (terminal-coding-system))
(encoded (encode-coding-char char coding)))
(if encoded
(encoded-string-description encoded coding)
"not encodable"))))
(setq disp-vector (copy-sequence disp-vector))
(dotimes (i (length disp-vector))
(setq char (aref disp-vector i))
(aset disp-vector i
(cons char (describe-char-display pos char))))
(format "by display table entry [%s] (see below)"
(mapconcat #'(lambda (x) (format "?%c" (car x)))
disp-vector " ")))
(let ((from (car composition))
(to (nth 1 composition))
(next (1+ pos))
(components (nth 2 composition))
(setcar composition
(and (< from pos) (buffer-substring from pos)))
(setcar (cdr composition)
(and (< next to) (buffer-substring next to)))
(dotimes (i (length components))
(if (integerp (setq ch (aref components i)))
(push (cons ch (describe-char-display pos ch))
(setq component-chars (nreverse component-chars))
(format "composed to form \"%s\" (see below)"
(buffer-substring from to))))
(let ((display (describe-char-display pos char)))
(if (display-graphic-p (selected-frame))
(if display
"by this font (glyph code)\n"
(format " %s (0x%02X)"
(car display) (cdr display)))
"no font avairable")
(if display
(format "terminal code %s" display)
"not encodable for terminal"))))))
,@(let ((unicodedata (and unicode
(describe-char-unicode-data unicode))))
(if unicodedata
......@@ -547,31 +594,63 @@ as well as widgets, buttons, overlays, and text properties."
(indent-to (1+ max-width)))
(insert " " clm))
(insert "\n"))))
(when disp-vector
"\nThe display table entry is displayed by ")
(if (display-graphic-p (selected-frame))
(insert "these fonts (glyph codes):\n")
(dotimes (i (length disp-vector))
(insert (car (aref disp-vector i)) ?:
(propertize " " 'display '(space :align-to 5))
(if (cdr (aref disp-vector i))
(format "%s (0x%02X)" (cadr (aref disp-vector i))
(cddr (aref disp-vector i)))
"-- no font --")
"\n ")))
(insert "these terminal codes:\n")
(dotimes (i (length disp-vector))
(insertf(car (aref disp-vector i))
(propertize " " 'display '(space :align-to 5))
(or (cdr (aref disp-vector i)) "-- not encodable --")
(when composition
(insert "\nComposed with the "
((eq pos (car composition)) "following ")
((eq (1+ pos) (cadr composition)) "preceding ")
(t ""))
"character(s) `"
((eq pos (car composition)) (substring composed 1))
((eq (1+ pos) (cadr composition)) (substring composed 0 -1))
(t (concat (substring composed 0 (- pos (car composition)))
"' and `"
(substring composed (- (1+ pos) (car composition))))))
"' to form `" composed "'")
(if (nth 3 composition)
(insert ".\n")
(insert "\nby the rule ("
(mapconcat (lambda (x)
(format (if (consp x) "%S" "?%c") x))
(nth 2 composition)
" ")
"See the variable `reference-point-alist' for "
"the meaning of the rule.\n")))
(insert "\nComposed")
(if (car composition)
(if (cadr composition)
(insert " with the surrounding characters \""
(car composition) "\" and \""
(cadr composition) "\"")
(insert " with the preceding character(s) \""
(car composition) "\""))
(if (cadr composition)
(insert " with the following character(s) \""
(cadr composition) "\"")))
(insert " by the rule:\n\t("
(mapconcat (lambda (x)
(format (if (consp x) "%S" "?%c") x))
(nth 2 composition)
" ")
(insert "\nThe component character(s) are displayed by ")
(if (display-graphic-p (selected-frame))
(insert "these fonts (glyph codes):")
(dolist (elt component-chars)
(insert "\n " (car elt) ?:
(propertize " " 'display '(space :align-to 5))
(if (cdr elt)
(format "%s (0x%02X)" (cadr elt) (cddr elt))
"-- no font --"))))
(insert "these terminal codes:")
(dolist (elt component-chars)
(insert "\n " (car elt) ":"
(propertize " " 'display '(space :align-to 5))
(or (cdr elt) "-- not encodable --"))))
(insert "\nSee the variable `reference-point-alist' for "
"the meaning of the rule.\n"))
(let ((output (current-buffer)))
(with-current-buffer buffer
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