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Tiny doc/misc edits

* doc/misc/ede.texi (ede-linux):
* doc/misc/vip.texi (New Bindings): Tiny copyedits.
parent 3e77f05d
2014-03-21 Glenn Morris <>
* ede.texi (ede-linux):
* vip.texi (New Bindings): Tiny copyedits.
2014-03-18 Stefan Monnier <>
* vip.texi (Other Vi Commands): Adjust doc of C-j.
......@@ -917,7 +917,7 @@ and has an optimized include file identification function.
Through the variables @code{project-linux-build-directory-default} and
@code{project-linux-architecture-default}, you can set the build
directory and its architecture, resp. The default is to assume that
directory and its architecture, respectively. The default is to assume that
the build happens in the source directory and to auto-detect the
architecture; if the auto-detection fails, you will be asked.
......@@ -569,7 +569,7 @@ in the current window, while @kbd{S} selects buffer in another window.
@kindex 1300 @kbd{X} (@code{vip-ctl-x-equivalent})
These keys will exit from vi mode and return to emacs mode temporarily.
If you type @kbd{C} (@kbd{X}), Emacs will be in emacs mode and will believe
that you have typed @kbd{C-c} (@kbd{C-x}, resp.) in emacs mode. Moreover,
that you have typed @kbd{C-c} (@kbd{C-x}) in emacs mode. Moreover,
if the following character you type is an upper-case letter, then Emacs
will believe that you have typed the corresponding control character.
You will be in vi mode again after the command is executed. For example,
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