Commit f16a1ed3 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Frecenter): Preserve point in the buffer we change it in.

parent 0d94f5ca
......@@ -1310,13 +1310,19 @@ If FRAME is a frame, search only that frame.\n")
DEFUN ("delete-other-windows", Fdelete_other_windows, Sdelete_other_windows,
0, 1, "",
"Make WINDOW (or the selected window) fill its frame.\n\
Only the frame WINDOW is on is affected.")
Only the frame WINDOW is on is affected.\n\
This function tries to reduce display jumps\n\
by keeping the text previously visible in WINDOW\n\
in the same place on the frame. Doing this depends on\n\
the value of (window-start WINDOW), so if calling this function\n\
in a program gives strange scrolling, make sure the window-start\n\
value is reasonable when this function is called.")
Lisp_Object window;
struct window *w;
int opoint = point;
struct buffer *obuf = current_buffer;
int opoint;
int top;
if (NILP (window))
......@@ -1330,11 +1336,12 @@ Only the frame WINDOW is on is affected.")
window_loop (DELETE_OTHER_WINDOWS, window, 0, WINDOW_FRAME (w));
Fset_buffer (w->buffer);
opoint = point;
SET_PT (marker_position (w->start));
Frecenter (make_number (top - FRAME_MENU_BAR_LINES (XFRAME (WINDOW_FRAME (w)))));
set_buffer_internal (obuf);
SET_PT (opoint);
set_buffer_internal (obuf);
return Qnil;
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