Commit f16bb869 authored by Po Lu's avatar Po Lu
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Select device notification events correctly

* src/xfns.c (setup_xi_event_mask): Select PropertyEvent,
HierarchyChanged and DeviceChanged for all devices.
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......@@ -2938,6 +2938,13 @@ setup_xi_event_mask (struct frame *f)
XISetMask (m, XI_Leave);
XISetMask (m, XI_FocusIn);
XISetMask (m, XI_FocusOut);
XISelectEvents (FRAME_X_DISPLAY (f),
&mask, 1);
memset (m, 0, l);
mask.deviceid = XIAllDevices;
XISetMask (m, XI_PropertyEvent);
XISetMask (m, XI_HierarchyChanged);
XISetMask (m, XI_DeviceChanged);
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