Commit f198a5c5 authored by Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Ingebrigtsen
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Revert "emacsclient: ignore --eval parameters when starting alternate editor"

This reverts commit 6fe66134.

The alternate editor may be Emacs, which is useful when you want to eval something in an existing Emacs (if it exists), or in a new Emacs if there's no server running.
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......@@ -700,11 +700,7 @@ fail (void)
if (alternate_editor)
/* If the user has said --eval, then those aren't file name
parameters, so don't put them on the alternate_editor command
line. */
size_t extra_args_size =
(eval? 0: (main_argc - optind + 1) * sizeof (char *));
size_t extra_args_size = (main_argc - optind + 1) * sizeof (char *);
size_t new_argv_size = extra_args_size;
char **new_argv = xmalloc (new_argv_size);
char *s = xstrdup (alternate_editor);
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