Commit f1c5dbb9 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Alfred M. Szmidt <ams at> (tiny change)

(rmail-summary-save-buffer): New command.
(rmail-summary-mode-map): Add rmail-summary-save-buffer.
parent 37229e10
2007-06-07 Mark H. Weaver <> (tiny change)
* NEWS (set-mark-command-repeat-pop): Fix duplicate entry.
2007-06-07 Michael Olson <>
* MORE.STUFF: Update eshell URL.
2007-06-07 Alfred M. Szmidt <> (tiny change)
* mail/rmailsum.el (rmail-summary-save-buffer): New command.
(rmail-summary-mode-map): Add rmail-summary-save-buffer.
2007-06-07 Juanma Barranquero <>
* progmodes/ebrowse.el (ebrowse-member-table):
......@@ -854,6 +854,15 @@ Search, the `unseen' attribute is restored.")
(set-buffer rmail-buffer)
(rmail-show-message msg-num t))))))
(rmail-summary-update-highlight nil)))))
(defun rmail-summary-save-buffer ()
"Save the buffer associated with this RMAIL summary."
(switch-to-buffer rmail-buffer)
(if rmail-summary-mode-map
......@@ -923,6 +932,7 @@ Search, the `unseen' attribute is restored.")
(define-key rmail-summary-mode-map "\C-c\C-s\C-k"
(define-key rmail-summary-mode-map "\C-x\C-s" 'rmail-summary-save-buffer)
;;; Menu bar bindings.
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