Commit f1cefe09 authored by Jason Rumney's avatar Jason Rumney
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(add_registry): Add an App Paths registry key.

Look for GTK and add it to the DLL search path for Emacs if found.
parent bc92622e
2008-02-11 Jason Rumney <>
* addpm.c (add_registry): Add an App Paths registry key.
Look for GTK and add it to the DLL search path for Emacs if found.
2008-02-05 Juanma Barranquero <>
* configure.bat: In help, use generic names for the image libraries.
......@@ -46,6 +46,9 @@ DdeCallback (UINT uType, UINT uFmt, HCONV hconv,
#define REG_ROOT "SOFTWARE\\GNU\\Emacs"
#define REG_GTK "SOFTWARE\\GTK\\2.0"
#define REG_APP_PATH \
"SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\App Paths\\emacs.exe"
static struct entry
......@@ -73,6 +76,57 @@ add_registry (path)
HKEY hrootkey = NULL;
int i;
DWORD size;
/* Record the location of Emacs to the App Paths key if we have
sufficient permissions to do so. This helps Windows find emacs quickly
if the user types emacs.exe in the "Run Program" dialog without having
emacs on their path. Some applications also use the same registry key
to discover the installation directory for programs they are looking for.
Multiple installations cannot be handled by this method, but it does not
affect the general operation of other installations of Emacs, and we
are blindly overwriting the Start Menu entries already.
if (RegCreateKeyEx (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, REG_APP_PATH, 0, "",
&hrootkey, NULL) == ERROR_SUCCESS)
int len;
char *emacs_path;
HKEY gtk_key = NULL;
len = strlen (path) + 15; /* \bin\emacs.exe + terminator. */
emacs_path = alloca (len);
sprintf (emacs_path, "%s\\bin\\emacs.exe", path);
RegSetValueEx (hrootkey, NULL, 0, REG_SZ, emacs_path, len);
/* Look for a GTK installation. If found, add it to the library search
path for Emacs so that the image libraries it provides are available
to Emacs regardless of whether it is in the path or not. */
if (RegQueryValueEx (gtk_key, "DllPath", NULL, NULL,
char *gtk_path = (char *) alloca (size);
if (RegQueryValueEx (gtk_key, "DllPath", NULL, NULL,
gtk_path, &size) == ERROR_SUCCESS)
/* Make sure the emacs bin directory continues to be searched
first by including it as well. */
char *dll_paths;
len = strlen (path) + 5 + size;
dll_paths = (char *) alloca (size + strlen (path) + 1);
sprintf (dll_paths, "%s\\bin;%s", path, gtk_path);
RegSetValueEx (hrootkey, "Path", 0, REG_SZ, dll_paths, len);
RegCloseKey (gtk_key);
RegCloseKey (hrootkey);
/* Previous versions relied on registry settings, but we do not need
them any more. If registry settings are installed from a previous
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