Commit f1d238ef authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(syms_of_xfns): Provide x-toolkit in toolkit version.

Undo previous change.
(x_toolkit): Variable deleted.
parent 7cab5d2c
......@@ -90,9 +90,6 @@ extern void free_frame_menubar ();
/* X Resource data base */
static XrmDatabase xrdb;
/* 1 if using a toolkit, 0 otherwise. */
static int x_toolkit;
/* The class of this X application. */
#define EMACS_CLASS "Emacs"
......@@ -4447,12 +4444,8 @@ or when you set the mouse color.");
DEFVAR_LISP ("x-no-window-manager", &Vx_no_window_manager,
"Non-nil if no X window manager is in use.");
DEFVAR_BOOL ("x-toolkit", &x_toolkit,
"Non-nil if this Emacs was built to use an X toolkit.");
x_toolkit = 1;
x_toolkit = 0;
Fprovide (intern ("x-toolkit"));
#ifdef HAVE_X11
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