Commit f1d6fe69 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(format-alist): Use iso-cvt functions for SGML/HTML.

parent 6f52a61e
2000-03-29 Dave Love <>
* international/iso-cvt.el: Move provide to end. Doc fixes.
(iso-iso2sgml-trans-tab, iso-sgml2iso-trans-tab): New variables.
(iso-iso2sgml, iso-sgml2iso): New functions.
(iso-cvt-define-menu): Fix some entries and use backquote for
* format.el (format-alist): Use iso-cvt functions for SGML/HTML.
2000-03-28 Gerd Moellmann <>
* emacs-lisp/lisp-mnt.el (lm-last-modified-date): Add parameter
......@@ -86,9 +86,9 @@
(gtex "German TeX (encoding)"
iso-gtex2iso iso-iso2gtex t nil)
(html "HTML (encoding)"
(html "HTML/SGML \"ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Latin 1//EN\" (encoding)"
"recode -f html:latin1" "recode -f latin1:html" t nil)
iso-sgml2iso iso-iso2sgml t nil)
(rot13 "rot13"
"tr a-mn-z n-za-m" "tr a-mn-z n-za-m" t nil)
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