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Document problems with DJGPP and NT's `redir' program.

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......@@ -1339,6 +1339,14 @@ subdirectory: `is_exec.c' and `sigaction.c'. Compile them and link
them into the Emacs executable `temacs'; then they will replace the
incorrect library functions.
* When compiling with DJGPP on Windows NT, "config msdos" fails.
If the error message is "VDM has been already loaded", this is because
Windows has a program called `redir.exe' that is incompatible with a
program by the same name supplied with DJGPP, which is used by
config.bat. To resolve this, move the DJGPP's `bin' subdirectory to
the front of your PATH environment variable.
* When compiling with DJGPP on Windows 95, Make fails for some targets
like make-docfile.
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