Commit f1f13490 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(direct_output_for_insert): Use

Vshow_trailing_whitespace instead of former iterator member
(direct_output_forward_char): Don't do it if hightlighting
trailing whitespace.
parent c1ff17c5
......@@ -3071,7 +3071,7 @@ direct_output_for_insert (g)
/* Give up if highlighting trailing whitespace and we have trailing
whitespace in glyph_row. We would have to remove the trailing
whitespace face in that case. */
if (it.show_trailing_whitespace_p
if (!NILP (Vshow_trailing_whitespace)
&& glyph_row->used[TEXT_AREA])
struct glyph *last;
......@@ -3185,7 +3185,7 @@ direct_output_for_insert (g)
|= it.glyph_row->contains_overlapping_glyphs_p;
if (it.show_trailing_whitespace_p)
if (!NILP (Vshow_trailing_whitespace))
highlight_trailing_whitespace (it.f, glyph_row);
/* Write glyphs. If at end of row, we can simply call write_glyphs.
......@@ -3283,6 +3283,10 @@ direct_output_forward_char (n)
if (!NILP (Vtransient_mark_mode) && !NILP (current_buffer->mark_active))
return 0;
/* Can't use direct output if highlighting trailing whitespace. */
if (!NILP (Vshow_trailing_whitespace))
return 0;
row = MATRIX_ROW (w->current_matrix, w->cursor.vpos);
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