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Keyboard macro improvements.

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......@@ -943,14 +943,18 @@ for more commands.
The normal macro bindings C-x (, C-x ), and C-x e now interfaces to
the keyboard macro ring.
The C-x e command now terminates the current macro rather than
signalling an error if used while defining a macro.
The C-x e command now automatically terminates the current macro
before calling it, if used while defining a macro.
In addition, when ending or calling a macro with C-x e, the macro can
be repeated immediately by typing just the `e'. You can customize
this behaviour via the variable kmacro-call-repeat-key and
Keyboard macros can now be debugged and edited interactively.
C-x C-k SPC will step through the last keyboard macro one key sequence
at a time, prompting for the actions to take.
*** Calc is now part of the Emacs distribution.
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