Commit f2191691 authored by Juri Linkov's avatar Juri Linkov

Avoid flicker in lazy-highlight by doing all updates without redisplay.

* lisp/isearch.el (lazy-highlight-max-at-a-time):
Change default value from 20 to nil to not trigger redisplay
between updating iterations.
(lazy-highlight-cleanup): New arg ‘procrastinate’ to not remove
overlays when non-nil.
(isearch-lazy-highlight-new-loop): Call lazy-highlight-cleanup
with non-nil second arg when the search string is not empty.
Run timer with isearch-lazy-highlight-start instead of
(isearch-lazy-highlight-start): New function. (Bug#25751)
parent 217eaf69
......@@ -332,7 +332,7 @@ If this is nil, extra highlighting can be \"manually\" removed with
(defcustom lazy-highlight-max-at-a-time 20
(defcustom lazy-highlight-max-at-a-time nil ; 20 (bug#25751)
"Maximum matches to highlight at a time (for `lazy-highlight').
Larger values may reduce Isearch's responsiveness to user input;
smaller values make matches highlight slowly.
......@@ -3122,17 +3122,18 @@ since they have special meaning in a regexp."
(defvar isearch-lazy-highlight-forward nil)
(defvar isearch-lazy-highlight-error nil)
(defun lazy-highlight-cleanup (&optional force)
(defun lazy-highlight-cleanup (&optional force procrastinate)
"Stop lazy highlighting and remove extra highlighting from current buffer.
FORCE non-nil means do it whether or not `lazy-highlight-cleanup'
is nil. This function is called when exiting an incremental search if
FORCE non-nil means do it whether or not `lazy-highlight-cleanup' is nil.
PROCRASTINATE non-nil means postpone cleanup to a later time.
This function is called when exiting an incremental search if
`lazy-highlight-cleanup' is non-nil."
(interactive '(t))
(if (or force lazy-highlight-cleanup)
(while isearch-lazy-highlight-overlays
(delete-overlay (car isearch-lazy-highlight-overlays))
(setq isearch-lazy-highlight-overlays
(cdr isearch-lazy-highlight-overlays))))
(when (and (or force lazy-highlight-cleanup) (not procrastinate))
(while isearch-lazy-highlight-overlays
(delete-overlay (car isearch-lazy-highlight-overlays))
(setq isearch-lazy-highlight-overlays
(cdr isearch-lazy-highlight-overlays))))
(when isearch-lazy-highlight-timer
(cancel-timer isearch-lazy-highlight-timer)
(setq isearch-lazy-highlight-timer nil)))
......@@ -3173,7 +3174,7 @@ by other Emacs features."
(not (equal isearch-error
;; something important did indeed change
(lazy-highlight-cleanup t) ;kill old loop & remove overlays
(lazy-highlight-cleanup t (not (equal isearch-string ""))) ;stop old timer
(setq isearch-lazy-highlight-error isearch-error)
;; It used to check for `(not isearch-error)' here, but actually
;; lazy-highlighting might find matches to highlight even when
......@@ -3204,7 +3205,7 @@ by other Emacs features."
(unless (equal isearch-string "")
(setq isearch-lazy-highlight-timer
(run-with-idle-timer lazy-highlight-initial-delay nil
(defun isearch-lazy-highlight-search ()
"Search ahead for the next or previous match, for lazy highlighting.
......@@ -3249,6 +3250,11 @@ Attempt to do the search exactly the way the pending Isearch would."
(error nil)))
(defun isearch-lazy-highlight-start ()
"Start a new lazy-highlight updating loop."
(lazy-highlight-cleanup t) ;remove old overlays
(defun isearch-lazy-highlight-update ()
"Update highlighting of other matches for current search."
(let ((max lazy-highlight-max-at-a-time)
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