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Document prefer-window-split-horizontally.

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......@@ -37,6 +37,13 @@ a GIF library.
** split-window-preferred-function specifies whether display-buffer should
split windows vertically or horizontally.
** The new variable prefer-window-split-horizontally specifies how
display-buffer splits windows. If its value is nil the old behavior
is kept, i.e. windows are split vertically (above-below). If its
value is t, windows are split horizontally (side-by-side). If its
value is a number, windows are split horizontally if the resulting
window is at least as wide as that number, vertically otherwise.
** Support for multiple terminal devices and simultaneous graphical
and tty frames has been added. You can test for the presence of this
feature in your Lisp code by testing for the `multi-tty' feature.
2007-09-08 Fredrik Axelsson <>
* window.c (prefer_window_split_horizontally): New variable.
(display_buffer): Consider splitting window horizontally depending
on prefer_window_split_horizontally.
2007-09-08 Eli Zaretskii <>
* sysdep.c [WINDOWSNT]: Don't include sysselect.h
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