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Fix typo in tramp.texi

* doc/misc/tramp.texi (Change file name syntax)
(Frequently Asked Questions): '.' or ',' must follow xref.
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......@@ -2671,7 +2671,7 @@ name syntax. Its value changes after every call of
this variable in external packages, a call of @code{file-remote-p} is
much more appropriate.
@pxref{Magic File Names, , , elisp}
@pxref{Magic File Names, , , elisp}.
@end ifinfo
@end defvar
@end ifset
......@@ -3720,7 +3720,7 @@ Set @code{file-precious-flag} to @code{t} for files accessed by
@value{tramp} so the file contents are checked using checksum by
first saving to a temporary file.
@pxref{Saving Buffers, , , elisp}
@pxref{Saving Buffers, , , elisp}.
@end ifinfo
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