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(Dired Deletion): Document delete-by-moving-to-trash.

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......@@ -192,6 +192,14 @@ Dired cannot delete directories that are nonempty. If the variable
delete nonempty directories including all their contents. That can
be somewhat risky.
@vindex delete-by-moving-to-trash
On some systems, there is a facility called the ``Trash'' or
``Recycle Bin'', but Emacs does @emph{not} use it by default. Thus,
when you delete a file in Dired, it is gone forever. However, you can
tell Emacs to use the Trash for file deletion, by changing the
variable @code{delete-by-moving-to-trash} to @code{t}. @xref{Misc
File Ops}, for more information about the Trash.
@node Flagging Many Files
@section Flagging Many Files at Once
@cindex flagging many files for deletion (in Dired)
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