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Add declarations for builds without X.

parent 79e43d6e
2008-08-11 Glenn Morris <>
* dired.el (x-popup-menu):
* hi-lock.el (x-popup-menu):
* mouse.el (font-face-attributes):
* calendar/cal-menu.el (x-popup-menu):
* calendar/calendar.el (x-popup-menu):
* calendar/holidays.el (x-popup-menu):
* progmodes/cperl-mode.el (x-popup-menu):
* term/ns-win.el (dnd-open-file, tool-bar-mode, scroll-bar-scale)
* term/w32-win.el (x-colors, x-handle-args, x-parse-geometry)
* term/x-win.el (x-colors, x-parse-geometry, x-resource-name)
(x-display-name, x-command-line-resources):
Add declarations for builds without X.
2008-08-10 Glenn Morris <>
* calendar/cal-bahai.el (holiday-bahai): Doc fix.
......@@ -153,6 +153,8 @@
["Backward 1 Year" (calendar-scroll-right 12) :keys "4 M-v"])
"Key map for \"Scroll\" menu in the calendar.")
(declare-function x-popup-menu "xmenu.c" (position menu))
(defmacro cal-menu-x-popup-menu (event title &rest body)
"Call `x-popup-menu' at position EVENT, with TITLE and contents BODY.
Signals an error if popups are unavailable."
......@@ -2422,6 +2422,8 @@ DATE is (month day year). Calendars that do not apply are omitted."
(format "Mayan date: %s"
(calendar-mayan-date-string date))))))
(declare-function x-popup-menu "xmenu.c" (position menu))
(defun calendar-print-other-dates (&optional event)
"Show dates on other calendars for date under the cursor.
If called by a mouse-event, pops up a menu with the result."
......@@ -624,6 +624,8 @@ The holidays are those in the list `calendar-holidays'."
'check-calendar-holidays 'calendar-check-holidays "23.1")
(declare-function x-popup-menu "xmenu.c" (position menu))
(defun calendar-cursor-holidays (&optional date event)
"Find holidays for the date specified by the cursor in the calendar window.
......@@ -3314,6 +3314,7 @@ Anything else means ask for each directory."
"Dired recursive copies are currently disabled.\nSee the variable `dired-recursive-copies'."))
(declare-function x-popup-menu "xmenu.c" (position menu))
(defun dired-dnd-do-ask-action (uri)
;; No need to get actions and descriptions from the source,
......@@ -447,6 +447,8 @@ lower-case letters made case insensitive."
(unless hi-lock-mode (hi-lock-mode 1))
(hi-lock-set-pattern regexp face))
(declare-function x-popup-menu "xmenu.c" (position menu))
(defalias 'unhighlight-regexp 'hi-lock-unface-buffer)
......@@ -2473,6 +2473,7 @@ choose a font."
(declare-function x-select-font "xfns.c" (&optional frame ignored)) ; USE_GTK
(declare-function buffer-face-mode-invoke "face-remap"
(face arg &optional interactive))
(declare-function font-face-attributes "font.c" (font &optional frame))
(defun mouse-appearance-menu (event)
(interactive "@e")
......@@ -7089,6 +7089,8 @@ Use as
(cons cons1 (car cperl-hierarchy)))))))
(declare-function x-popup-menu "xmenu.c" (position menu))
(defun cperl-tags-hier-init (&optional update)
"Show hierarchical menu of classes and methods.
Finds info about classes by a scan of loaded TAGS files.
......@@ -749,6 +749,8 @@ this defaults to \"printenv\"."
(defvar ns-input-spi-name)
(defvar ns-input-spi-arg)
(declare-function dnd-open-file "dnd" (uri action))
(defun ns-spi-service-call ()
"Respond to a service request."
......@@ -1209,6 +1211,9 @@ unless the current buffer is a scratch buffer.")
;; (if this is not done, modeline is dimmed until first interaction)
(add-hook 'after-make-frame-functions 'select-frame)
(defvar tool-bar-mode)
(declare-function tool-bar-mode "tool-bar" (&optional arg))
;; Based on a function by David Reitter <> ;
;; see .
(defun ns-toggle-toolbar (&optional frame)
......@@ -1397,6 +1402,8 @@ See the documentation of `create-fontset-from-fontset-spec for the format.")
(global-unset-key [vertical-scroll-bar mouse-1])
(global-unset-key [vertical-scroll-bar drag-mouse-1])
(declare-function scroll-bar-scale "scroll-bar" (num-denom whole))
(defun ns-scroll-bar-move (event)
"Scroll the frame according to a Nextstep scroller event."
(interactive "e")
......@@ -1561,6 +1568,8 @@ Note, tranparency works better on Tiger (10.4) and higher."
"Non-nil if Nextstep windowing has been initialized.")
(declare-function ns-list-services "nsfns.m" ())
(declare-function x-open-connection "xfns.c"
(display &optional xrm-string must-succeed))
;; Do the actual Nextstep Windows setup here; the above code just
;; defines functions and variables that we use now.
......@@ -147,6 +147,7 @@ the last file dropped is selected."
(global-set-key [language-change] 'ignore)
(defvar x-resource-name)
(defvar x-colors)
(defun xw-defined-colors (&optional frame)
......@@ -225,6 +226,9 @@ See the documentation of `create-fontset-from-fontset-spec' for the format.")
(declare-function create-fontset-from-x-resource "fontset" ())
(declare-function x-get-resource "frame.c"
(attribute class &optional component subclass))
(declare-function x-handle-args "common-win" (args))
(declare-function x-parse-geometry "frame.c" (string))
(defvar x-command-line-resources)
(defun w32-initialize-window-system ()
"Initialize Emacs for W32 GUI frames."
......@@ -253,6 +253,8 @@ exists."
(defconst x-pointer-invisible 255)
(defvar x-colors)
(defun xw-defined-colors (&optional frame)
"Internal function called by `defined-colors', which see."
(or frame (setq frame (selected-frame)))
......@@ -1449,6 +1451,10 @@ The value nil is the same as this list:
(declare-function x-server-max-request-size "xfns.c" (&optional terminal))
(declare-function x-get-resource "frame.c"
(attribute class &optional component subclass))
(declare-function x-parse-geometry "frame.c" (string))
(defvar x-resource-name)
(defvar x-display-name)
(defvar x-command-line-resources)
(defun x-initialize-window-system ()
"Initialize Emacs for X frames and open the first connection to an X server."
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