Commit f2dd4ba8 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* lisp/info.el (Info-finder-find-node): Ignore the `emacs' metapackage.

Fixes: debbugs:10813
parent ac0f82ef
2014-03-14 Glenn Morris <>
* info.el (Info-finder-find-node):
Ignore the `emacs' metapackage. (Bug#10813)
* finder.el (finder-list-matches): Include unversioned packages
in the result of a keyword search.
......@@ -3698,7 +3698,9 @@ Build a menu of the possible matches."
hits desc)
(dolist (keyword keywords)
(push (copy-tree (gethash keyword finder-keywords-hash)) hits))
(setq hits (delete-dups (apply 'append hits)))
(setq hits (delete-dups (apply 'append hits))
;; Not a meaningful package.
hits (delete 'emacs hits))
(dolist (package hits)
(setq desc (cdr-safe (assq package package--builtins)))
(when (vectorp desc)
......@@ -3713,6 +3715,9 @@ Build a menu of the possible matches."
(insert "*****************\n\n")
"Commentary section of the package `" nodename "':\n\n")
;; FIXME this assumes that a file named package.el exists,
;; which is not always true. E.g. for the nxml package,
;; there is no "nxml.el" (it's nxml-mode.el).
(let ((str (lm-commentary (find-library-name nodename))))
(if (null str)
(insert "Can't find any Commentary section\n\n")
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