Commit f2f82fa4 authored by Nick Roberts's avatar Nick Roberts
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(gdb-current-frame, gud-watch)

(gdb-locals-mode, gdb-frame-handler): Display current frame in the
modeline of the locals buffer.
(gdb-goto-breakpoint): Handle gdbmi.
(gdb-get-frame-number): Change for gdbmi.
parent f471ca2b
......@@ -40,8 +40,15 @@
;; Kingdon and uses GDB's annotation interface. You don't need to know about
;; annotations to use this mode as a debugger, but if you are interested
;; developing the mode itself, then see the Annotations section in the GDB
;; info manual. Some GDB/MI commands are also used through th CLI command
;; 'interpreter mi <mi-command>'.
;; info manual.
;; GDB developers plan to make the annotation interface obsolete. A new
;; interface called GDB/MI (machine interface) has been designed to replace
;; it. Some GDB/MI commands are used in this file through the CLI command
;; 'interpreter mi <mi-command>'. A file called gdb-mi.el is included in the
;; GDB repository for future releases (6.2 onwards) that uses GDB/MI as the
;; primary interface to GDB. It is still under development and is part of a
;; process to migrate Emacs from annotations to GDB/MI.
;; Known Bugs:
......@@ -53,7 +60,7 @@
(defvar gdb-current-address "main" "Initialisation for Assembler buffer.")
(defvar gdb-previous-address nil)
(defvar gdb-previous-frame nil)
(defvar gdb-current-frame "main")
(defvar gdb-current-frame nil)
(defvar gdb-current-language nil)
(defvar gdb-view-source t "Non-nil means that source code can be viewed.")
(defvar gdb-selected-view 'source "Code type that user wishes to view.")
......@@ -175,7 +182,7 @@ detailed description of this mode.
(setq gdb-current-address "main")
(setq gdb-previous-address nil)
(setq gdb-previous-frame nil)
(setq gdb-current-frame "main")
(setq gdb-current-frame nil)
(setq gdb-view-source t)
(setq gdb-selected-view 'source)
(setq gdb-var-list nil)
......@@ -214,7 +221,7 @@ speedbar."
(require 'tooltip)
(let ((expr (tooltip-identifier-from-point (point))))
(if (and (string-equal gdb-current-language "c")
gdb-use-colon-colon-notation gdb-current-frame)
(setq expr (concat gdb-current-frame "::" expr)))
(catch 'already-watched
(dolist (var gdb-var-list)
......@@ -1219,8 +1226,10 @@ static char *magick[] = {
(beginning-of-line 1)
(if (with-current-buffer gud-comint-buffer (eq gud-minor-mode 'gdbmi))
(looking-at "[0-9]*\\s-*\\S-*\\s-*\\S-*\\s-*.\\s-*\\S-*\\s-*\\(\\S-*\\):\\([0-9]+\\)")
(re-search-forward "in\\s-+\\S-+\\s-+at\\s-+" nil t)
(looking-at "\\(\\S-*\\):\\([0-9]+\\)"))
(looking-at "\\(\\S-*\\):\\([0-9]+\\)")))
(if (match-string 2)
(let ((line (match-string 2))
(file (match-string 1)))
......@@ -1311,7 +1320,7 @@ static char *magick[] = {
(defun gdb-get-frame-number ()
(let* ((pos (re-search-backward "^#\\([0-9]*\\)" nil t))
(let* ((pos (re-search-backward "^#*\\([0-9]*\\)" nil t))
(n (or (and pos (match-string-no-properties 1)) "0")))
......@@ -1502,7 +1511,7 @@ static char *magick[] = {
(setq major-mode 'gdb-locals-mode)
(setq mode-name "Locals")
(setq mode-name (concat "Locals:" gdb-current-frame))
(setq buffer-read-only t)
(use-local-map gdb-locals-mode-map)
(if (with-current-buffer gud-comint-buffer (eq gud-minor-mode 'gdba))
......@@ -1999,6 +2008,9 @@ BUFFER nil or omitted means use the current buffer."
(if (looking-at ".*=\\s-+0x\\(\\S-*\\)\\s-+in\\s-+\\(\\S-*?\\);? ")
(setq gdb-current-frame (match-string 2))
(if (gdb-get-buffer 'gdb-locals-buffer)
(with-current-buffer (gdb-get-buffer 'gdb-locals-buffer)
(setq mode-name (concat "Locals:" gdb-current-frame))))
(let ((address (match-string 1)))
;; remove leading 0s from output of info frame command.
(if (string-match "^0+\\(.*\\)" address)
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