Commit f3157c65 authored by Jason Rumney's avatar Jason Rumney
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(vga_stdcolor_name): Remove.

parent 09320d30
2007-11-30 Jason Rumney <>
* w32console.c (w32con_ins_del_lines, scroll_line): Clip to window.
(w32con_reset_terminal_modes): Clear screen buffer.
* xfaces.c (map_tty_color, tty_color_name): Remove special case for
* w32console.c, w32term.h (vga_stdcolor_name): Remove.
2007-11-29 Jason Rumney <>
* w32console.c: Leave HAVE_WINDOW_SYSTEM defined.
......@@ -752,7 +752,6 @@ struct face;
XGCValues *XCreateGC (void *, Window, unsigned long, XGCValues *);
struct frame * check_x_frame (Lisp_Object);
Lisp_Object vga_stdcolor_name (int);
EXFUN (Fx_display_color_p, 1);
EXFUN (Fx_display_grayscale_p, 1);
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