Commit f37b8e41 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(bootstrap, bootstrap-nmake, bootstrap-gmake): Depend on cmdproxy.

(cleanall): Don't delete *~.
parent e4fe7e5e
2007-07-20 Eli Zaretskii <>
* makefile.w32-in (bootstrap, bootstrap-nmake, bootstrap-gmake):
Depend on cmdproxy.
(cleanall): Don't delete *~.
2007-07-11 Jason Rumney <>
* gmake.defs (OLE32): New library to link.
......@@ -138,10 +138,12 @@ maybe-bootstrap-SH: doit
exit -1; \
bootstrap: addsection bootstrap-$(MAKETYPE)
# Bootstrap depends on cmdproxy because some Lisp functions
# loaded during bootstrap may need to run shell commands.
bootstrap: addsection cmdproxy bootstrap-$(MAKETYPE)
bootstrap-nmake: addsection
bootstrap-nmake: addsection cmdproxy
cd ..\lisp
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) bootstrap-clean
cd ..\src
......@@ -151,18 +153,20 @@ bootstrap-nmake: addsection
cd ..\src
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) bootstrap
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) bootstrap-clean
$(CP) $(BLD)/cmdproxy.exe ../bin
cd ..\lisp
cd ..\lib-src
cd ..\nt
bootstrap-gmake: addsection
bootstrap-gmake: addsection cmdproxy
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) $(XMFLAGS) -C ../lisp bootstrap-clean
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) $(XMFLAGS) -C ../src clean
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) $(XMFLAGS) -C ../lib-src clean
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) $(XMFLAGS) -C ../src bootstrap
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) $(XMFLAGS) -C ../src bootstrap-clean
$(CP) $(BLD)/cmdproxy.exe ../bin
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) $(XMFLAGS) -C ../lisp bootstrap
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) $(XMFLAGS) -C ../lib-src DOC
......@@ -248,7 +252,7 @@ info-gmake:
# Maintenance
clean: clean-other-dirs-$(MAKETYPE)
- $(DEL) stamp_BLD
- $(DEL) ../etc/DOC ../etc/DOC-X
......@@ -287,6 +291,8 @@ cleanall-other-dirs-gmake:
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) $(XMFLAGS) -C ../lib-src cleanall
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) $(XMFLAGS) -C ../src cleanall
# We used to delete *~ here, but that might inadvertently remove
# precious files if it happens to match their short 8+3 aliases.
cleanall: clean cleanall-other-dirs-$(MAKETYPE)
- $(DEL_TREE) obj
- $(DEL_TREE) obj-spd
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